Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College Transition- Ours, not hers!

For 18 years you nurture a child, teach them, guide them and impart much wisdom, or so we hope.  Then you send them off into the world!

Whose grand idea was that anyways?  And why did I fall for it? ;)

Just kidding!  Mostly.

We are home after a 7 day whirlwind trip off dropping our oldest off.  There were many sweet memories made and now tired parents and siblings!  And an 18 year old as well, probably.

I may decide to write more later, but for now, here are some things learned...

You get use to having someone around and it is just plain weird when they are not.  Remember, we are a homeschooling family, so I am not even use to her being gone all day.

No matter how much stuff you take, you will still end up in Walmart with all the other families dropping off their kids.  CP said we did our part at boosting the economy.

Wisconsin is not close!  AT ALL!

Small schools are amazing!  We each unloaded ONE thing from our car...a group of amazing girls unloaded all the other stuff!  We should have brought those girls home to help catch up on the laundry!

Christian schools are amazing!  To see people praying all over campus, to have people ask how they can pray for your child...'nuff said!

God is in the small stuff!  Like giving ALP  only two roommates.  One is from a ranch in WY, one is a fellow military brat.  My child is in heaven! 

Prayers from friends WORK!  I know, because otherwise it would have been a much longer ride home!  And I thank you!

Grandparents are not to be taken for granted!  They kept the boys for a week, loving on them and entertaining them more than we would have!  Many thanks!

My 14 year old is a great little sis and a real trooper!  She helped with everything and was our official photographer!

My husband is amazing!  He drove the whole way there and back with no help from me, and pretends not to see the occasional tears.

My oldest is ready for this challenge.  She surprises me hourly with her strength, determination and devotion to the Lord.

She is where she belongs and this momma could not be more proud.


  1. I'm crying reading about your daughter leaving. What am I going to do when my first leaves in 4 years????

    1. Cry a lot more! But, I will be here with an understanding heart and cyber hug! Promise! ;)

  2. She looks very happy in her new dorm. My oldest still has 4 years of high school, but this is still a tearjerker reading your thoughts.

  3. It's a hard transition for us mommas. My son just left home Friday. I miss him already.


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