Friday, August 3, 2012

That Kind of Day!

Reading back a few posts, I realized that I never posted my two ingredient dessert.

Today is a GREAT day to post that because it's a
-sick mom
-two sick kiddos
-company here
-dad not here
-trying to pack a kid for college
kind of day! 

Pineapple Cake

1 box angel food cake mix
1 large can of crushed pineapple with juice

Mix well!  and mix again!  (this helps it rise) Pour into bundt pan and cook according to directions on box.

Yep, that is it.  And yes, it is a cheater recipe using a boxed mix.

And, yes, it is that kind of day.


  1. Life is always better when you throw in dessert! At least the sun is shining today. Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Praying for you Michele. Just the sick mom part coming as a result of trying to pack a kid for college???? Hope you are all feeling better soon!!

  3. Thanks! No Teresa, I seem to have caught the cold Salem came home from camp with. Stuffy, headache, yuck. At least I do not have the temp he and riley had for 24 hrs!

  4. Ooohh ... feel better soon! And eat lots of cake!


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