Friday, August 10, 2012

CREW Review- Math Made Easy!


Math Made Easy, created by Glenda Brown James, puts a whole new spin on learning math facts.


Children learn addition and multiplication facts without counting on their fingers.
Mastery of facts in 6 weeks.
Only 36 facts to memorize!
Here are the basics:  Mrs. James explains that most kids know or can see quickly that they know the 0, 1, 10 and 11 facts! Show them how easy they are and get them excited about what they know already. Then show them how those facts are the same regardless of which number comes first! THEN, mark all of those facts off a fact chart and show them they only have 36 facts left to learn...6 a week for 6 weeks! 6 RANDOM facts. Each week, with the help of included fact cards, your child practices the facts out loud and then does a quick worksheet to solidify that learned knowledge. Each sheet is labeled for the week and day you are to do it. An organized, my kind of lady! Love her already!


That's it! Repeat with week 2 through 6 - six new facts and the worksheets will also review the ones from the previous week. In addition, Mrs. James has included several games in the back of the book to cut out and use to further reinforce practice.

OK, yes, my oldest son was a little old for this program, but I LOVED it anyway. Let me tell you why!

He learned skip counting at the time he first learned his multiplication facts. A common way to teach. You know, 7, 14, 21, 28....

And he is pretty good at that. But, that is where his knowledge stopped. Ask him 7 x 8 and he has to stop and think or skip count his way to the answer. It may get him through during the normal day, though not efficiently, but it is a horrible problem when testing time comes! So he needed this practice! By teaching facts in a random order, it forced him to learn each fact again, non-dependent on the one before or after it in a number family. Viola!


We have already seen a HUGE improvement on not only his knowledge, but also his confidence. The worksheets have been understandably under his level as a 5th grader, but no doubt would be just fine for a child just learning their multiplication tables


Really!  The next time around, I assure you we will be skipping the traditional lessons and using Math Made Easy for learning basic math facts!
 This Homeschool Multiplication Package can be ordered at Math Made Easy for $24.95.  Classroom editions are also available!
 To read what fellow CREW members had to say about this product as well as the addition version click on the banner below!
Disclaimer:  We received a copy of Math Made Easy, Multiplication in exchange for our review.  Opinions expressed are our own, and were not influenced by the company in any way.

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