Monday, August 13, 2012

What He Must Be

I have been re-reading the book What He Must Be...If He Wants to Marry My Daughter, by Voddie Baucham, Jr. It is a good book about all we want our future sons-in-law to be. A good concept.

But it got me thinking. The reality is I can only pray somewhere out there is another momma training her son to be that spouse. I have little influence over that young man. At least for now. ;)

But there are two young men I do have great influence over - the two the Lord blessed me with to raise. So, I am raising them to be that spouse in the future! A challenging thought to say the least, but one that I am convinced the Lord desires for me to do.

As much as I desire my girls to eventually marry amazing men, I also want to raise my boys to be the amazing men in someone's future!  Here are my thoughts.

I want to raise men that-

*Love the Lord with all of their hearts.
   I truly believe that before we can love a spouse we must first love the Lord and put Him first in our lives.  Only then can we love another as Christ first loved us.  Are we teaching our boys about the Lord - who He is, what He has done for us and what it means to follow Him?

*Are Compassionate.
    Are we teaching our boys to love the needy, the destitute and the hurting people of this world?  Do they know that sometimes just a hug and an "I understand" are all that are needed most?

*Are Loving.
    Are we teaching our boys that physical touch, in the right setting, is precious?  That just holding a hand can be a loving gesture?

*Are Brave.
    Let's face it, there are a lot of scary things out there.  Are we teaching our boys to face the Goliaths of the world; to not run from a challenge, but to defend and protect their faith and eventually their spouses, in the face of evil?

*Are resourceful.
    Can our boys fix a leaky faucet, mow a lawn, put together a cabinet?  They won't learn unless we teach them!

*Are romantic.
    While I caution my girls against waiting for a knight on a white horse, let's face it, every woman wants a little romance in their lives.  Do our boys see the love notes their daddy leaves occasionally, the flowers on the table or the secret winks?  Are we teaching them the art of romance by our example?

*Are hard workers.
    Do we take our boys by the hand and teach them how to do a job and do it well?  Do we expose them to multiple career fields and tent-making skills so that they can make informed decisions on how they can work to support a family?  Do they know that after the work can come the play?

*Are selfless.
    In a world that teaches it is all about me, are we teaching our boys others first?

*Know the importance of family.
     Do we create an atmosphere in our home that makes them want to be with us?  Are we fun and loving?  Are we creating traditions that they will want to carry on in their own homes?

*Know how to lead.
    Can our boys rise to the occasion and be a leader when needed?  Are we teaching them to step up to the plate in this area?  To be directive without being a dictator.  Do we provide them the opportunity to pray for our family, to make decisions, lead family worship, manage their money?  If they are going to be the leader of their families, these are skills they must know.

*Are dreamers.
    We want our boys to dream big! (right now that would be "lego designer", but go with me here)  Are we encouraging their dreams, allowing them to explore the world and find their passion?  Do they realize that when dad is happy, our family is happy?

Oh friends, I could go on and on!  They must be all this and so much more.  Above all, may we lead them to the Cross, where a loving God will direct their paths.  May we follow Him in molding them into the men and spouses He would have them to be!

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  1. I really like this. It got me thinking. I am raising my kids to prepare for the world. The dangers of scams, trusting the wrong people, how to do laundry and the importance of saving. But am I teaching them to be the right spouse?


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