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CREW Review, Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

Every once in a while my kids get to read a book that I say, wow, that was worth reading.  Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers was one of those books.  Written by Douglas Bond and geared for grades 7th-10th, this book was a delightful read.  Truly charming, and yet very informative.  I would also say that students several years younger and those to 12th grade would also enjoy this book.

The book begins with siblings Drew and Annie staying in a quiet English village while their mom does some work there for the summer.  During their stay they meet several fun characters, including Mr. Pipes, the pipe organist at the local church who introduces them to several adventures such as fishing, sailing and horseback riding.  During their time together he also unashamedly shares his faith through a series of stories about eleven hymn writers or groups of writers. 

"Many hymns are prayers that express our desire after God better than we can ourselves.  It is a glorious thing to worship God, and hymns will give you the words with which to worship Him." p.40

Hymn writers covered include:
Thomas Ken
Isaac Watts
Charles Wesley
William Williams
John Newton
William Cowper
Augusta Toplady and Thomas Kelly
Scottish Hymn Writes
Anglican Hymn Writers
Women Hymn Writers
John Bunyan
What we liked-
-Charming narrative with polite children.  Drew thinks several times what I would refer to as smart remarks, but does hold his tongue.

-There are a few fun pictures scattered here and there if you have younger children listening along.

-Wonderful history lessons surrounding each writer!

-Scores for a few songs by each writer at the end of each chapter.

-This book is from a Christian point of view and simply lays out the gospel at a child's level!

-This book is full of thought provoking quotes! "Perhaps Williams and other hymn writers wrote hymns about singing because nothing we do in worship more unites our hearts and lifts us above ourselves than singing hymns set to grand music that reflects the beauty and order of our Creator." p.115  "...don't fear the changes.  Glorify God in whatever He has ordered you right now, and serve Him in every day." p.235

What we did not like-
-The chapters are rather lengthy for a read aloud if you are including younger children.  You may have to break each chapter up to keep their interest, or save your voice.

-The children's interaction with their mom was minimal and not very positive, though nothing negative was said about her.

That's it!  Told you, we really liked this book and now look forward to getting the others in this series.  I highly recommend them!

About Christian Liberty Press:

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Disclaimer- We received a down loadable copy of Mr. Pipes in exchange for our honest review of the book.  The ideas offered are our own and in no way were influenced by the company.

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