Monday, February 3, 2020

Moving Like a Pro

You can take a minute and laugh at the sarcasm of that title.  Go ahead... I am!  There is NO moving like a pro.  While this may be my 17th move in 27 years, we are NOT pros. Tired, yes. Pros, no.

On Thursday we closed on our house. On Friday and Saturday we, with the help of some amazing friends' of the girls, moved the girls into an apartment.  Other than hanging art and buying a few little things here and there, they are settled in.  Done!

Saturday night and Sunday, in between Super Bowl, we packed the truck and van for the boys to do a run to our new rental two hours north, where my husband is staying during the week.  I figured in an empty house, at least he could have an air mattress, kitchen stuff, and bathroom stuff.

This week I will pack another load for him to take up next weekend and then we will wait for the professionals to come on on the 10th to pack the rest of the house.  We should be at our rental by the 14th!  Happy Valentine's Day to us!

My head is spinning.  SO many details and moving parts.  SO many emotions.  And Clarke will not be here to help the week of the move.  But the Lord is faithful and has provided rest, and help and encouragement through many sweet friends.

Back to the pro part- while there are no perfect moves, there are things you can do to help make a move as smooth as possible.

  • Create a safe room.  Anything you do not want packers to mess with goes in there!  We often choose the master bath or large closet.  Suitcases we are living out of, current towels and bath stuff, files, any valuables, dog food, and even occasionally the dog!
  • Pack as simply as possible.  Think capsule wardrobe!  Because I sending most of my clothes ahead of time with my husband, I pulled a simple capsule to keep here and then to put in a small suitcase when I leave.  In the middle of a move, getting dressed in the morning should be as easy and thought free as possible.

  • Prepare simple meals move week!  This is where the crock pot becomes my best friend!  I have several meals frozen, thank you #Citruspear, for the boys and I.  Since fridges have to be emptied, look at what you have and plan around that.  Yes, sometimes those last meals are pretty creative, but at least it keeps waste to a minimum.  

  • Organize your house and move out things you do not need!  This is where 34 Weeks of Clean has blessed us greatly in the past few moves.  When things are already de-cluttered and organized you are one step ahead of the game.  Because we will be living somewhere while we build, I have separated some things like pictures and books that once packed, will be marked do not open, and will be stored until the final move.  While I want our rental to say welcome, there is just no need to bring everything out for a temporary stay!

  • Pack bedding and towels separately and keep them with you if at all possible!  We have found that once a bed is made, you just look at things differently.  Seriously!  As soon as beds are set up, we make them!  If nothing else is done by the end of the day, at least when you walk into your bedroom that first night, you have the comfort of a familiar bed waiting for you.

  • Enlist the help of friends! This looks different each time we move.  Sometimes it has been meals, sometimes packing help, and sometimes just emotional support.  Moving is exhausting, physically and emotionally, but having friends by your side can make all the difference.  We have dear friends who are coming up for a night the day our furniture is delivered to help with some light unpacking, but mostly just for the support.  I am so very thankful.  This is the first time we are leaving without our girls, and I know the emotions are coming.  (more on that in an upcoming post!)

  • Be prepared to change plans.  Things are fluid no matter how much planning you do and how much you hope those plans stick.  Be flexible, it will save your sanity.

Trust the Lord's plan!  This move is a harder one for us in several ways.  Sometimes hourly I have to remember that God has a better plan than I can ever imagine.  His ways are not ours and He is the one that directs our paths!  We choose to trust Him even in the uncertainty and even through the tears.  We are looking forward with anticipation to great things ahead for this family.


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