Friday, February 28, 2020

Do You Capsule?

"Organizing is just well planned hording.  The best way to organize is to get rid of most of your stuff." 

Stay with me! I am not suggesting you get rid of all your stuff.  Really I am not.  But I am challenging you to think about what you have, why you have it, and what you really use or need.  Rearranging your hordes of stuff still leaves you with hordes of stuff.  Just in pretty containers!

Ya'll this move has really been an eye opener for me in several areas of our lives.  Moving is pretty easy for me.  I just move things from one room in a house to the same room in a different house.  Done!  But this time we did parts of the move on our own (the military has always moved us before) and saw a few areas that needed some attention.

Like clothes!  Yep, back on that merry-go-round.  Seems like one I keep revisiting.  Is it just me?

I moved all my clothes up here myself.  And I put them all back in my closet.  And then I had a heart to heart talk with myself and decided some things needed to be changed.  The lack of organization made my head spin.

I would certainly not call myself a hoarder when it comes to clothes, but let's just say I like them.  A lot.  I am also pretty fickle about my "style" and therefore often end up with a bunch of random pieces.  Thankfully, I have moved back to a place that has four seasons, though mild, and can go back to more of a capsule wardrobe.

Here's my plan-
  • 3 tubs of off season clothing (one for each of the three not currently being worn)

  • Current season hung in closet hung up

  • Church/dress clothes hung together (all seasons)

  • A few "completer" pieces that span the seasons left hanging

Yep that is it. Not rocket science.  well, deciding what season a few things went into were a bit harder than others, but luckily my oldest was here to help when I got the wild hair to get it together!

Here's what it is NOT-
An amazing curated 33 item wardrobe for each season-  While I love the Project 333 idea, I am not as much stuck on a number, as I am determined to have only what I need a love, and while I LOVE seeing pictures with all those coordinating colors and beautiful monochromatic color palettes, that is just not me.

Here is what it IS-
Suited to fit me.  And you should do the same.  Copying someone else's' capsule does not work.  Trust me on this one, I know.  You will end up with a closet of stuff that looks really cute on someone else.
Random number of items.  My winter and spring capsules are smaller than my fall and summer.  Who knows why.

Fewer things, but nicer items!  I am all for a fun graphic tee shirt or trendy item at a cheap price, but I want to focus more on quality items that will last for more than three months.

A few things will travel from one capsule to the other and probably never see the bins.  There are jeans I have I wear all year.  There are a few basic layering tees, short and long sleeve, that I wear all seasons.  They will just stay put once I turn to a new capsule.

A lesson in progress.  I am new to this area.  In reality, I have NO real idea of how the seasons will look.  I am tentatively planning on-

Dec/Jan/Feb= winter
June/July/Aug= summer
Sept/Oct/Nov= fall
But I may find I need to expand or shorten those once I get there.  We will see and that's ok!

This is also a time that I want to evaluate each piece as I bring it out for a new season.  If I love it and wear it, it stays.  Otherwise, off it goes.

A quick update on some of the ideas I was processing through about minimalist clothing  a few weeks ago

  • I am still committed to 20 in 20 where you only buy 20 articles of clothing in 2020.  I am up to 6, but they all have been carefully thought out pieces and filled holes in my closet.  Like two new sweaters because I am not in Phoenix anymore and it gets cold up here in the mountains.

  • Buying second hand.  Trying to stick to this mostly, but I have seen some sales that I think would be less expensive than buying used, so that I am pondering.  Maybe the point is not about the price but about being good stewards of things and "recycling."  Hmmmmm, thoughts on that anyone?

  • Project 333 Again, I am not following that down to the letter of the law, but it did remind me of why I love capsules and has some good general rules to follow.  It spurned me on to get it together!  Founder Courtney Carver has a new book coming out soon and I cannot wait to read it!

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