Thursday, January 30, 2020

Grace Upon Grace

I didn't mean to leave you all hanging last week, really, I didn't.  We just were waiting for final steps and wanted to be sure all ended well before sharing.  Some of you might remember the huge crazy of 2017 when we sold our house on day one, then it unsold in a day, and then it sat on the market for another three months while we lived in an AirBNB for three months.

Praise the Lord for his mercy- this time around was much better.

Our "forever" home went on the market the morning of Friday, January 10th.  We had FIVE showings scheduled for that day in a few hours.  I took the dog on long walks, and sat in our car a lot.  Because he is 15 years old and I had a horrible cold, we were both done by that night.  We finally got back in the house by about 7.

Saturday morning started with a 10:30 showing that lasted until 11:30. More walking the block with the dog. We ran back into the house for a potty break and then went to the park for a picnic lunch.  We stayed there until 3.  Praise the Lord for sweet friends who joined us to pass the time and keep us company.  We headed back to the house hoping the 3:00 showing would be quick and done.  NOT.  They left at 4, we hopped in for a potty break, and left again for a 4:30 showing that stayed forever.  In case you are counting, that was three showings PLUS the open house that had over 75+ people come through.  By the time we got back in at about 6:00, we were all tired and brain fried and I was pretty sure the dog may not wake up the next morning.  (He is still with us, bless him!)

Sunday resulted in another showing and...4 offers!

All were strong, all were pushing for a pretty quick process, and all tugged at my heart!

By Monday the 13th we accepted an offer.  Inspection was a few days later, appraisal soon after, final walk through was on Tuesday, and we officially close today- three weeks, start to finish.  The new owners are allowing us to stay in the house for a few more weeks, but we begin the moving process on February 10th and should be in Prescott by the 14th.

Crazy right?

Want to up the game of crazy?

My girls move into an apartment this weekend, Riley has been in Scotland for the last week, and Clarke will not be here the week of the packing and loading due to his job. Oh, and the people who bought our house did not step foot into it until the day of the final walk through.  Seriously!  They saw it via Facetime from Minnesota!  Told you- CRAZY!

Want to see the hand of God- look at the little details of your life, my friends!  God is in the details!

  • After DAYS of raining, yes it does rain in AZ, the sun came out the day the house pictures were taken
  • We had FIVE showings on day one!  
  • We only had to leave our house for three days for showings!  Ya'll, this is BIG for a homeschooling family of six with a dog!  If I had had to continue that pace, I would have lost it!
  • The contract was easy, the "fixes" minimal, and the buyers have been gems to work with!
  • We have a realtor who turned out to be a great friend, that held our hands the whole time, cheered and encouraged us, and did a remarkable job of selling this house.  Coming or going- Lisa is your gal when buying a house!
  • I found a rental house for us in Prescott over a matter of days and it will be available February 3rd so Clarke can begin to move a few things up as he commutes.
  • The girls found a place to live in one week that splits the difference between their jobs.
  • We were able to get a moving company on short notice to move us. 
  • So many friends have checked on us and sent sweet messages of encouragement.  Thank you! 
And it just goes on and on.  As a dear friend said recently, just more confirmation that we are on the path the Lord intended.  Grace upon grace!

But just because it is HIS path does not mean it is all rainbows and ponies.

Moving is hard.  Leaving friends and an amazing church is hard.  Letting go of a beloved house is hard.  Moving away from my girls is HARD!

Don't be fooled- behind the smiles and the excitement are some pretty intense emotions and fears for us all.  But we are determined to walk this path as best we can- knowing that the Lord has paved the path and is leading the way!


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