Thursday, February 6, 2020

Life without Girls

You know that saying, don't judge until you walk in someone's shoes?  Or, you never know what someone is facing unless you have been there?  Well, I feel like I am walking both of those things this week.

Life without my girls is...weird. 

Before you say anything let me explain something.

Yes, both girls went away for college.  Far away.  But when the first went away, I had the second one with me still.  By the time she left, the first had come back home so I had her around.  And since last May, they have both been home.  While they both have jobs and busy lives, I knew at least I could hug them or catch up at the end of the day.

They are now both living outside of my home together for the first time.  And people want to know how I am doing and how I feel.

It feels weird and I am not a fan.  There you have it.

I am, however, super thankful that they are together for now and that the Lord was gracious to allow us an overlapping of two weeks before the boys and I head out of town.  Because the girls are currently 15 minutes away, it has allowed us a sweet transition time of visits, shared meals, and church together.  But yes, it takes my breath away to think of daily life without them in and out of my door.  Letting go after 22 and 25 years with someone is hard.  We homeschooled so they were often with me 24/7.  We moved with the military frequently and we were often all we had.

I know so many of you have been there.  And it is not that I don't love and adore my boys, I do!  But boys are different.  Not bad, just different. They speak a language I often do not, and they love to pal around with dad.

I have a sweet friend whose daughter went away to college this year not too far from home, but far enough not to see on a weekly basis.  I knew it was a challenge for her to send her first to college (been there, done that) but I failed to see how hard it was to send her only DAUGHTER to college.  I regretfully just totally missed it. As I told her- sometimes it takes walking it before we really get it!

It makes me wonder what else I don't see.  Who else is hurt or lonely or struggling within my reach that I just don't even know about?  I pray that the Lord will open my eyes to those people that I may better understand their struggles and better minister to their hearts!  May we be the ones that "get it!"

And may I embrace this new season the Lord has for us with strength and grace- knowing His plan is good!

If you are going through a new season too, let me know how I can pray for you!  Really!


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  1. It's hard but there is a sweetness in seeing the fruit of your labour and watching them blossom :D


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