Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Room WIth a View...and other random thoughts

Ya'll, I can't get over this view from my living room window-

Or this one--

Or this one-

or even this one-

Praise the Lord for His masterpiece of creation!

Trying to soak it all in and concentrate on it because otherwise-

  • Moving is hard- on your body and your soul!

  • Moving creates chaos in your organized day.

  • Moving is lonely.

  • Moving means starting over, again.  Not a fan!

Oh, friends, it is easy to deceive yourself into thinking, I've got this, man!  Been there, done that and did just fine.

But it is also easy to forget that just out from the starting gate it is a challenging and lonely ride.

So while I am not sitting around feeling sorry for myself (mostly), I am reminded that I need to allow myself to feel sad after all the feelings of excitement.  It is all part of the journey.

Glad Jesus is part of the journey as well!


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