Saturday, March 14, 2020

What To Do All Day

Wow, so much to process this week, huh?  A presidential address, cancelled flights, closed businesses, quarantines and more.   At this rate, we all will be affected in one way or another.  Count on it.

Because of the season of life our family is in, the biggest thing we see, other than the crazy lack of TP, is a bunch of school kids now forced to school at home for the time being.  Panicked parents because many have to still go to work, and panicked parents searching for ideas on what to do with said kids all day long.  I get it, I was once there.

So here are some thoughts from a homeschooler of 23 years.

  • DO SCHOOL!- We homeschoolers actually DO school. ;)  Be forewarned though, it will not take your kids quite as long as it does in a public school setting.  Fewer cats to herd means things get done faster.

  • ENJOY YOUR SLOWER PACED MORNINGS! I know some of your mornings are complete chaos.  One of the things I love about homeschooling is our casual morning routine.  It is slow and quiet- join me for a while.
  • KEEP A SCHEDULE- I find we tend to do function better with some sort of schedule  It certainly does not have to be a minute to minute routine, but find some sort of rhythm and stick to it.  When kids know what to expect you will hear less "I am bored" and "what are we going to do next."
  • PLAY GAMES!  We play a lot of games in this house.  Good for the mind and good at keeping busy hands busy.  Order a few new ones off Amazon and gather the troops.  Some of our favorites right now are Five Crowns, Pass the Pandas, Quarkle.

  • DO A PUZZLE- Good for the mind, takes up time, and forces you to talk to the person behind you!

  • HAVE READING TIME!  Each afternoon after lunch is a great time to insist on some personal reading time.  Let everyone snuggle up with a book, picture books count, and read.  Family reading time with a classic is also a fun way to pass the time.  If your kids are not thrilled with that idea, try audio dramas instead.
  • BAKE TOGETHER- Let's face it, you have to cook anyway, and maybe more now since extra people are home all day, so you might as well make it a group project.  Enlist help at meals, but even better, make fun desserts and snacks.  Even little kids can help pour and mix.  Bonus, you can count it for math and home ec!
  • QUIET TIME- we all need some down time.  Designate an hour a day that everyone is in their rooms doing something quietly.
  • TAKE A WALK OR GET SOME EXERCISE These are stressful time friends!  Now more than ever we need to get out in the sun and fresh air each day.  For cold or rainy days,have a group exercise time.  In the past our family has enjoyed plank challenges, push up challenges, and sit up challenges.  Make it fun!
  • CATCH UP WITH FRIENDS- Now is a good time to reach out to loved ones- from a safe distance.  Write a letter each day, phone a friend, or text someone to let them know you are thinking about them.
  • BLESS A NEIGHBOR- especially if you have older neighbors of ones with health concerns.  Staying home for weeks can be isolating- let them know they are not alone.  Take them a goodie after your bake day!
  • CLEAN and ORGANIZE YOUR HOUSE- Really!  If you are home from work anyway, you might as well be productive.  Our 34 Weeks of Clean Series can help you get started and it will burn off some nervous energy.  Grab a kid, or two, and get started!
  • ENJOY A FAMILY MOVIE- Maybe do a themed night.  When we have our regular family movie night we usually have a "fun food" dinner (think tacos, nachos, pizza etc) and eat on the couch. 
  • PRAY TOGETHER- There is just something about praying together that can help take our focus off ourselves and put it back on the Lord- exactly where it belongs. 
  • STAY CALM- Yes, things are serious, but panic will only make things worse.  Stay in when you can, wash your hands, and for goodness sake- stop hoarding toilet paper!

Lastly, while there are times that keeping a sense of humor can get you through hard times, we recognize the seriousness of the Corona virus and those it affects.  If you fall into that category, please know we are praying for you and your family.

Romans 15:3
 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord protect us all and get the glory!


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