Thursday, January 2, 2020

No Spend January (And Beyond!)

We have done a no spend plan before and really benefited from it before, so we (read MOM) decided to try it again!  For sure it will include the month of January.  Depending on how it goes and if the troops haven't jumped ship yet, we may extend into February.  And maybe March, but don't tell!

Why you ask?  Well, for several reasons really.  One, after just coming off the Christmas season and lots of gift giving, I cannot imagine there is anything this family really needs!  Wants, maybe, but needs, certainly not. Two, we follow a budget plan based on Dave Ramsey but during the holiday season tend to get a little loosey goosey with it.  Now is a good time to get back on plan and reestablish good habits!  Thirdly, we are getting ready to move so we do not need to bring anything extra into our house.  And last, saving money is AMAZING!  There is nothing like getting to the end of the month and having a visible sign of your good choices in not spending!  CASH!

In the past we have done different things with that extra money such as adding it to our vacation fund and even blessing a few people along the way.  The jury is still out for what we will do this year, but I have a few ideas in mind!  Stay tuned.

Here is the game plan-

We only spend from the necessary budget categories.  House payment, utilities, groceries, gas, tithing, insurance, etc.

Household, clothing, personal "allowances," and entertainment budgets are locked!

Yes, you will see us out for Sunday lunches as normal.  We have a two gifts cards we will use for two of those days and are committed to spending only $10 for each of the two remaining Sundays.  SAMS Club and Little Caesars it is! ;)

Public shaming for those who break the rules is allowed.  Just kidding,  Mostly.

Will our two oldest participate?  (I am tackling questions I know you will ask!)  Good question!  I am not sure at this point.  But this momma will not be aiding and abetting them for sure.  I do know they have prepaid Starbucks cards and gift cards from Christmas, so I feel sure they could manage.  I will let you know!

Not spending money takes commitment.  It isn't easy and often means saying no when you really want to say YES!  I like things, I get it, friends!  But the decision to live simply, even if only a few weeks or months helps us to refocus on what is important, while saving some money along the way.  It is a great way too regroup and refocus!

Who is in?


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