Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Word of the Year

A new decade.  How did we even get here?  This year has flown by for us.  So many good things, and yet we anticipate many more exciting things on the horizon.  I am not sure why we are ever surprised, but the Lord is always gracious to hold us close and bless us beyond belief.  Even in the hard times, He is faithful and good.  If you don't know him as Lord and Savior, we would love to have that conversation with you!

As I have done for the past 6 years, I have been contemplating choosing a word of the year to reflect and focus on.  In the past, choosing was relatively easy to do.  The word just jumped out at me, often weeks before the end of the year. 

2014- GRACE
2015- JOY
2018- VISION
2019- RENEW

This year, that was not the case.  At. All.

This post was started and then sat blank and quiet, with no words- or WORD- written.  I pondered more than a few scriptures but just did not feel like the Lord was saying, yes- that is it!  It was getting a bit distressing, honestly.

And then a few days ago I saw a Facebook friend post about her word and I knew I had found it!  It was beautiful and it spoke right to my heart.  With her permission, I have adopted her word- but let's face it, it is GOD'S word!  And I am ever so thankful He used a fellow believer and friend to put it in my path and on my heart!

So this year my word is- Hineni

Consider this explanation from the site One For Israel- is a way of expressing total readiness to give oneself – it’s an offer of total availability.

When God called out to Moses from the burning bush, Moses replied, “Hineni!” And you know what assignment he was given, and what happened next. When God approached Abraham to ask him to offer his only son as a sacrifice, Abraham responded, “Hineni!” not knowing what God was about to ask. God called out to the young boy Samuel three times before Samuel finally responded, “Hineni! I’m listening!” Many hundreds of years later, when God asked who would go for him in Isaiah 6, and the prophet willingly offered himself with a cry of “Hineni!” Send me!”

As my friend put it- “Hineni-whatever it is you are asking of me, I am already in agreement of it."

As many of you know, our house goes on the market next week and we are moving AGAIN.  It will be our 17th move in 27 years.  The first 16 were no surprise due to our military career.  But this one is a bit different.  We retired to Arizona to our "forever" home.  We planned on staying- forever.

One should NOT use that word, because one never knows what the Lord has planned.


That is the cry of my heart- send me- in TOTAL availability and TOTAL agreement.

But this is about more than a move!

Shouldn't that be the cry of our heart every single moment of every single day?  After all, our days are given to us my the Lord and He determines our steps.  Control is a thing for me.  Anyone else?  I love plans, and calendars and sticky notes and more plans!  

But I want to LOVE God more.  And be ready at any point to say Hineni- send me and I will go. No whining, no questioning, just trust.  Knowing that the God of the Universe only asks of us what He knows is best for us.

To God be the Glory!


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