Friday, May 31, 2019

A Graduation, A Trip to Texas, and What's Next!

I promised an update today and though it is later in the day than I had intended, I am determined to get this posted.  I know other than 34 Weeks of Clean, it has been pretty silent on the blog lately.  Like crickets chirping quiet, I know!  Not that lots hasn't been going on, but ya'll I have been tired and not very motivated.

That's it.  No other excuses.

After years of reviewing for Schoolhouse Review Crew and being on staff with them, I resigned and now only will be doing a few independent reviews here and there.  It was such a hard decision as I LOVED what I did and the people I worked for but as this family is moving into some new seasons of life I felt worn out by the demand and knew I needed to refocus and put my family first.

So yes, less reviews and more family time.  Which means you get more of just US!  Lucky you!  We are still on the homeschooling journey, but starting next month I will be down to just Colby and 7th grade.  Salem, our 17 year old, is taking online college classes and is pretty much mom free.  (shhh, don't tell him that!)

The thing that took up most of of brain cells last month was this girl!

After just three years away at college, she graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre.  Since we did get the privilege of seeing her senior showcase, as well as her final college production, we were unable to attend graduation.  I will be forever thankful to the many sweet families that supplied us with lots of pictures and loved on her in our place.  She is now home for the summer with BIG plans for the fall.  More on that adventure to come!

We also just returned from an amazing retirement of one of our dearest friends and his family after 30 years of Air Force service.  Not only was it a special time to celebrate them, but it also allowed us to catch up with old military friends, some of which we had not seen in years!  It was a time of many surprises, lots of laughter, and a million memories.  My heart is full.  Since it was not my event and not every cares for their face to be seen all over the internet, I won't post pictures other than this one I got permission to share.  These friends have stuck with us through thick and thin for over 26 years and we love them dearly.

Since I never ask my kids permission to post pictures of them, however, I will leave you with these.


These two were born in Florida just three weeks apart and have been best friends since!  Our resident models and entertainers.

That's all I have got for you now.  If you want to find us, we can usually be found pool side, learning to embrace this new Arizona life.  So far, it's not too bad!


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