Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Menu and a Cheat Week

Sometimes I am so proud of myself and feel such a sense of accomplishment when I put a dinner on the table. (everyone needs a YAY ME, self -cheering section!)  Other days I cannot believe I am standing in the kitchen AGAIN fixing ANOTHER meal!

This last week has been on of the later kind of weeks.  I just felt plain tired.  And uninspired.  And so tired of food!

Good news- some of my peeps are headed out of town (that is not the good news) and for a few days it is just Colby and me.  (that is the good news as far as cooking goes.)

So I am planning a few EASY days and I am treating him, Ok, me, to a date night.  Don't get too excited- right now his request is KFC!  I know, I know, don't even go there.  Sometimes you just smile and say ok, right?

Monday- Baked Chicken

Tuesday- Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Wednesday- Tacos

Thursday- Crock Pot French Dip

Friday- Care Group Meets- Making Ham sliders

Saturday- Date Night with my Boy

Sunday- Potato Soup and Grilled Cheese

No recipe for you all this week.  Go ahead and take a cheat week as well, you have my permission! ;)



  1. KFC must be a boy thing -- my son loves it and I would rather go some place else. That is where he wants to go when he finishes his math book.

  2. I know what you mean about thinking "I am cooking again." There are some days I so enjoy making dinner but then when I anticipate my kids not liking it I really get down.


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