Friday, February 16, 2018

Finally! Family Pictures

Yes, we finally got some updated pictures of this family!  With two girls off and about, our time together as a family of 6 is limited, so when Christmas came I knew it was our chance to get some quick photos taken.  I need to update the ones on the side bar, but one thing at a time.

If you follow us on Facebook then you have seen a few of these probably, but I wanted to put them here on the blog for those who follow this way.

A BIG thank you to Virginia at Virginia Schultz Photography!  She has a growing business that features newborn photography, but I think everything she does is pretty amazing.  Bonus, she was able to put up with this crazy family!

This is the one hanging in our house now!

But I love this one too!

There is just something fitting about everyone looking at Dad!

 There is no one else I would rather walk through life with!

My oldest princess!

My second princess!

My firstborn son!

Our youngest prince!

A few of the kids together-

My hero still makes me giggle-

So there ya go!  Since the last pictures we have all aged a bit.  Ashton is getting ready to turn 24, Riley is 20 now, Salem is 16, and Colby, my baby, is 10!  I will skip on Clarke and myself! ;)

Time flies when you are having fun!



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