Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Introducing What's On My Nightstand

This post has been in my drafts for quite a while now.  It started with a conversation with a friend about what books I was currently reading and was egged on by a daughter's participation in a reading challenge last year.

The post was delayed because well, we all know how personal books are and how all-judgmentally (yes, I made that word up) people get about things like books, music and movies.  And no, I will not be sharing the last two subjects with you because boy have I gotten burned in the past!

But I have decided to go out on a limb with my reading list and see what happens.  So here are the rules of engagement (because you know I love rules and lists, and because I want to head you off quickly if you don't like my reading list!)

  • These are MY books.  And therefore MY choices.  Please try hard not to judge.
  • I have not read these books prior to listing them, so therefore I cannot personally recommend them.  Yet.
  • I try hard to have several different categories going at once, hence the crazy breadth of subjects.
  • I will link books when I can, but these are NOT affiliates.  I am NOT making money off you buying them.  I am just trying to make your life easier.  You are welcome!
  • If I get partly through a book and decide I do not care for it, I promise to let you know in the next installment of What's on My Nightstand.  Just consider me your personal filter.
  • I like a lot of different kinds of books- clean mysteries, sweet romances occasionally, theology, child rearing, historical fiction, biographies and even middle school books just to name a few.  After all, I do still have kids in my house and seek to find fun reads for them as well.

So for February, let's start off slow and easy! It's a short month,  you know!

Counting by 7s, by Holly Goldberg Sloan
This I found during our annual after-Christmas book shopping my mom treats our family to each year.  The cover caught my eye; note to aspiring writers that covers count!  I started it a few days ago and am enjoying it.  It is about a gifted child that is searching for her place in the world despite some harsh realities.

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by  Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus
For those of you that know me well or follow 34 Weeks of Clean, this should not be a shock to you.  I am NOT a minimalist, though I have a daughter who aspires to be, but I do like simplicity and organization and am always looking for ways to clear out the clutter in our lives.

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller
A dear friend of mine used this book as a basis to teach a Bible study lesson and I was intrigued.  It brought such a new layer of thought to how I looked at the familiar Psalm and so I want to delve deeper and read the whole book.  Another sweet friend loaned it to me, and I am betting she is wondering when I am ever going to get it back to her!!

Could I read more?  Probably.  But I am starting here.  Next month I will do a quick share on what I thought and show you my next stack.

Feel free to let me know what YOU are reading, and any books in particular you think I should not pass up!  I always welcome recommendations!  You should see the stack my 20 year old has for me!

Blessings and Happy Reading!


  1. Counting by 7s has been on my list. I keep hoping the library will get it. My current stack is a varied mix - Eat
    That Frog, a book on prayer, a Puritan book, and a few other things.

    1. Eat That Frog? Tell me about that, Beth!!

    2. Eat That Frog was a book on productivity. It was easy to read and had some great tips. It is written as a business productivity but there are some good tips. One of the things that I have been challenged this year is to focus.

  2. Counting by 7s is a favorite of mine. Beautiful book. I always recommend it. If you enjoy Counting by 7s, you might also enjoy Rain Reign. It is geared to a younger audience but one I adore. Have fun reading!

    1. OK, how come I am the only one who did not know about the Counting by 7s? I will put Pain Reign on my list! Thanks, Sharon!

  3. Given your rule about no judging, here is what is on my nightstand:

    The Key to Your Child's Heart
    Codependent No More
    Sales Management Simplified
    Hope Prevails
    Summer Sanctuary
    When Someone You Love Suffers from Posttraumatic Stress
    Don't Stop Laughing Now!

    Guessing I might need to check out Counting by 7s based on your post and the other comments.

  4. I have a Shepherd's Look at Psalm 23 just waiting to be read. Thank you for sharing your list. So far, I'm reading Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner and am really enjoying it.

    1. I heard that was a good book! I will add it to my list! Thanks Barbie!

  5. These look interesting! Thank you for sharing with us. I'm currently building a reading list myself and look forward to checking these out.


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