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Drive Thru History Adventures

I am here to tell you, if you want to learn history the fun way, look no further than Drive Thru History, and their new brainchild, Drive Thru History Adventures.  We have had the opportunity to review this Dave Stotts gem for the past month or so with the Homeschool Review Crew and are loving every minute of it.

Drive Thru History Adventures

Let me start by saying we were already big fans of Drive Thru History and its founder, Dave Stotts.  We own several of the original history DVD sets, including the most recent the The Gospels which we reviewed last year.  Our family loves anything history and my boys especially are walking encyclopedias when it comes to dates and facts.  Add to that the fact that one is an auditory learner and the other loves anything on a screen, and well, let's just say we are Drive Thru History groupies.

Drive Thru History Adventures

So what's with this new Drive Thru History Adventures?

Well, I am so glad you asked!

Drive Thru History Adventures has taken the fun and yet informative Drive Thru History DVDs, made them available in an online subscription, and....wait for it...added curriculum.  While this curriculum is targeting high school students, it can easily be adapted for younger kids and family learning.

The curriculum for each 30 minute video segment includes readings of historical documents, worksheets that you can print off (don't worry, answer guides are provided), copies of artwork from that particular time period and more.

At this time, three time periods in history are available-

  • Bible History (18 weeks on the Gospels, with an additional 18 weeks being developed which will cover the book of Acts through Revelation)
  • American History (12 weeks on early American history)
  • Ancient History (12 weeks on early Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor)
Drive Thru History Adventures
You can choose your favorite and work your way through the course, or skip around, depending on your mood for the day.

Want to change it up a bit?  Each week Dave posts a "week in review" with all kinds of project updates, answers to questions, and new articles.  Like always, his humor will keep you and your children entertained.  There is a "behind the scenes" section that shows some great blooper clips, as well as a "Side Roads" section.  Here you will find smaller chunks of information about, well, anything on Dave's mind.  Our favorite so far has been the history of Ground Hog Day.  Colby, who is 10, rewinds and watches one section over and over again.

A "dig deeper" section further explains points mentioned in the main videos and is a great way to go into more detail for your older students.  Under the Suggested Readings tab you will find PDF files to original documents mentioned for further reading as well.  New content is added weekly, so you will not run out of things to watch and read for quite a while, I promise.

Also available in your subscription is a Drive Thru History Adventures App you can download that allows you to access the videos from your iPhone or iPad.  It is a perfect way to allow your kids to watch top quality history videos while in the car or sitting in a waiting room.  History on the go?  Yes, please!

You can also join a private Facebook group just for subscribers.  I admit I was slow in doing so, but am so glad I did.  As a member you get weekly updates, as well as extra pictures and convos from Dave himself.  Plus a fun welcome when you join!

So how have we used this and what do we think?
By now you probably realize we love it.  No surprise there.  Dave has a way of bringing history to life that just pulls you in.  Without watering down the facts he explains things in terms that kids seem to be able to take in.  The videography is amazing and you finish a video adventure feeling like you have been on a trip with him.  

One of the things my boys like best about Dave is his humor.  He is just plain funny!   In the middle of some pretty serious history lessons, his fun puns, jokes, and silliness break up the lesson a bit and keep you interested.

Since we recently watched The Gospels series, we decided to revisit the American History Adventures.  My oldest son, age 16, has watched them via our DVDs, but our youngest has not seen more than a few.  He has chosen to watch them without me, though I do have to limit him to about once a week or he becomes a bit obsessed and will watch them for hours.  Because he is currently studying American History with our current curriculum, this has been a perfect supplement to what he is already learning.  Again, the curriculum is geared to high schoolers so we have answered the questions orally.  A few he has struggled with, but most have been easy to talk about conversationally.  He doesn't love all of the documents (I do think they are better aimed at the older students) but he LOVES all of the pictures. 

Cool story about this picture featured on episode three, Beginnings of Revolution. Colby had just finished studying about the artist John Trumbull in his daily history lessons when we were excited to see one of his paintings featured in this lesson. Trumbull painted many paintings we still enjoy today, a huge feat for a man with one eye!  We are still working our way through the sessions, watching to see if there are any more familiar things mentioned.

Of course, Colby's favorite parts of Drive Thru History Adventures are the videos and DAVE!  He laughs out loud, insists on watching parts again and again, and shares stories with the family at dinner time.  Oh the stories!

What's not to love about a history program that does that and more?!  While we have yet to use this with our teen, he is looking forward to free time in the summer that he can use to re-watch his old favorites!  Just don't tell him he has questions to answer, too! ;)

Currently, Drive Thru History Adventures is running a special that includes a free DVD The Gospels set with your subscription. Drive Thru History Adventures is offering 20% for readers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Check out page 19 of the winter edition for details!
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  1. I also love Stotts' humor - something that reminds me of any of the good documentaries I have watched. They are usually hosted by something who loves history and has a good sense of humor.


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