Monday, January 18, 2016

34 Weeks of Clean Revisited

If you are not familiar with my 34 Weeks of Clean series, you will want to start by reading the intro post- 34 Weeks of Clean Intro.

It was a project born out of the need to keep busy during my husband's year long deployment, but turned into a passion I did not even know I had.  Yes, I have always loved lists and schedules and calendars and been a little type-A about my house, but what I did not realize was how passionate I was about helping others take control of their homes and the stuff within.  34 Weeks gave me the opportunity to share some hints I have learned along the way and since then has even allowed me to speak with a local MOPS group about how to declutter and clean, making your house a place that will filled with God's peace, allowing you to open your home to others.

34 Weeks took off and we have been thrilled to be able to share with readers our ebook that my friend and co-conspirator, Kemi Quinn, put together with me.  Kemi was the magic behind all the amazing printables and my cheerleader for the entire project.  I could not have done it without her! Kemi blogs at Homemaking Organized, and I encourage you to go check out her site!

34 weeks not only became a verb in our home and others, you know- "What happened to that basket?" "Oh, mom 34 weeked it!" but it also buried itself deeper and deeper into my heart.  We never run out of the need to clean, declutter, and take control of our homes.  It is NOT a one time deal, as nice as that would be.  As one friend and participant said, there is a need to rinse and repeat!

This may that time for you.  Or maybe you are new to 34 weeks and need a good, fresh start!  Well, here it is.  A complete list of all of our projects, one week at a time.

And yes, do them one week at a time.  Slow and steady wins the race and those who have gone before you will tell you that you will wear yourselves out fast if you plunge forward.

Week 1- Holiday Decorations
Week 2- The Pantry
Week 3- Kitchen Cabinets and Doors
Week 4- Fridge, Freezers, and Floors
Week 5- Recipes
Week 6- The Stove and Dreaded Loose Ends
Week 7- The Dining Room
Week 8- The Living Room
Week 9- Books
Week 10- The Entryway
Week 11- Bathrooms
Week 12- The Family Room + DVDs
Week 13- Pictures and Scrapbooks
Week 14- Arts & Crafts
Week 15- The Master Bedroom
Week 16- The Master Closet
Week 17- The Master Bath
Week 18- Half-time
Week 19- The Bedrooms 1 & 2
Week 20- The Bedrooms 3+
Week 21- The Hall Closet
Week 22- The Laundry Room/Mud Room
Week 23- The Linen Closet
Week 24- The Porch and Deck
Week 25- The Yard
Week 26- The Storage Room/Attic
Week 27- Clothes Storage
Week 28- The School Room
Week 29- The Office (Paperwork and Bills)
Week 30- The Computer
Week 31- Address Books & Office
Week 32- The Garage
Week 33- The Cars
Week 34- The Finale

And while you get started, know that I am cheering you on- while I am busy writing 34 Weeks of Clean- The Book!

If you participated at all last year, whether the whole time or just hit or miss, I would love for you to share your favorite week (or the one that made all the difference for you)with our readers !  Mine was the master closet!

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  1. I have enjoyed having this list to find once in a while when I need some motivation for cleaning. I struggle to be detail oriented with chores so this is definitely a help. - Lori

  2. I think I need to adopt 34 weeks of clean. Thank you for linking up!!


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