Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to Move in 5 Easy Steps

Yes, we have finished moving.  And are all unpacked with the exception of our garage and my husband's professional gear.  From the actual date the furniture and boxes were delivered it took one week.  People keep asking me how we do it so fast.  It is not that we are just good at it, it is that we are well practiced!  This was our 14th move in 23 years, after all.

But before I share a few tips on how we settle in so easily, I want to share a few tips on what helps us through the actual move itself.  OK, so maybe EASY isn't the best descriptor, but they do help for sure.

Invest in blow-up mattresses.  This was not a problem for us when we owned a RV, but unless you want to spend a ton of money on a hotel, just go on and invest in blow-up mattresses.  Call us gluttons for punishment, but once we have a place to call home, we want to BE there.  So yes, while we wait for our furniture to be delivered, we camp in our house!

This is Salem's mess. I mean, stuff. 
Take the necessities!  Don't forget these essentials-
  • cleaning supplies
  • crockpot- you WILL get tired of eating out
  • plates and utensils- this can be as easy as paper products but don't forget them!
  • a set of sheets and a blanket and pillow for each person
  • a set of towels for each person
  • a shower liner and rings to hang it in case you do not have glass doors on your shower.
  • clothes and toiletries for each family member
  • a touch of home - for small kids this may mean a security item or night light, for olders it might be a beloved book or blanket
Take a cooler and basic pantry items with you.  Even if you have to add ice to your cooler every day, it still beats having to start over and replace everything in your refrigerator.  Plus, again, and trust me when I say this, you WILL get tired of eating out.  Not to mention there is less likelihood of getting sick when you are eating healthy, home-cooked food. A word of warning, packing honey in glass containers can result in a sticky mess.  Consider this your public service announcement.  You are welcome.

Take along a few family games and movies.  Tension runs high during moves.  The best thing you can do is schedule down time with some fun activities and normalcy to the day.  We tend to not be TV watchers, but unwinding with a quick movie now and then or playing a few games at night helps us refocus on each other and relax.

Get some rest!  As crazy as things get before and after a move, you need to take time to rest. Pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion will not make for a fun person.  Or a healthy one.  Put yourself on a schedule and when the buzzer rings, walk away from the boxes and paper and be done for the day. It will all be waiting for you in the morning, trust me!

Moving is not easy, but it can be done - even 14 times in 23 years! ;)  Maybe this will be the last one.


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