Friday, January 22, 2016

Disney's Characters and Cookies!

OK, yes, we were there for 7 days, but I figured you would want the abbreviated version!  (You are most welcome!)  So for today, I will focus on the characters and the FOOD!  Lots and lots of food.

On previous trips, we have not been obsessed with hunting down characters  Well, one child has, but she got out-voted almost every single time.  Who has time to stand in line to see someone in a costume when there are rides to ride?!  But this time around, we made a lot of exceptions.  And even used fast passes to get pictures taken.  Yes, you can use fast passes to see some characters.  Crazy, I know!

Fur creatures, as Disney calls these fuzzy guys, are all over.  Come to find out, they even camp out in hard to find places off the beaten paths.  By simply referring to a few Disney books on the market or even asking a cast member, you can find these places and wait only minutes to interact with them.

Like playing steal the kid's hat with Chip.  Or Dale.

Face characters, see their lovely faces, seem to be more scheduled and waits are often longer, but we walked right up to several this visit and I do not think we waited in line for more than 15 minutes for any of them.

It is amazing how personable they are and how they act like you are the most importanat person in their lives at that moment!  Actual conversation here-

Alice: And what is your major at Monster's University? (Referring to CJ's hat)
CJ: Scaring. and eating children!
Alice: Oh my. You must work for the Red Queen!

One of the easiest places to see several characters at once is at a character meal.  If your child thinks they are a princess too, just saying, then making reservations at one of those restaurants is totally worth the money!

Note from Riley- Rapunzel loved my shirt and called me flower. When we left she told me to have a good time outside of my tower!

And as silly as it may seem to some of us, even the big kids can have fun!

Like once you have seen a million face characters, you realize they all do the same face thing right before they take a picture - they big grin and raise their eyebrows.  Every single one.  We saw it so many times that the big kids started to practice too! ;)  See why I said it was more fun to go to Disney with big kids?

Oh, and about the food!  As I mentioned before, I feel like we ate our way through Disney.  Though I have to say none of us gained a pound thanks to the miles of walking- probably from chasing Disney characters all over the parks!

Again, we would not normally order desserts with every meal, but when they come with the Disney Dining plan, who can pass up that fun?  Believe it or not, they tasted as good as they look.  And wow, they are beautiful!

One of the greatest things about Disney's menus is that they have a wide selection of "allergen free" food- desserts included.  This s'more treat was just for our wheat free gal!  Who did not share!

Even the snacks are fun!  And yummy!  And Mickey shaped!

Riley eats things shaped like Mickey's head

But there's more!  We actually rode a few rides and saw a few shows!  Come back Monday to see!  How's that for link bait?! ;)

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  1. Awesome! Love this! I didn't realize the characters raised their eyebrows when taking a photo. Lol!


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