Friday, June 19, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week 25 - The Yard

I hope you were able to have some fun with last week's assignment and get out and enjoy some nice weather.  Since the warmer temperatures have finally found us here, we have enjoyed our back porch immensely.  Don't 'ya know that my sweet hubby called me from worlds away and asked if that was a new rug on the back deck! ;)  Don't ya love that we communicate through the blog?

Anyway, we are staying outside for one more week- so let's tackle that yard.  Now I know that this is going to be a bigger project for some than others.  Some of you have been blessed by amazing property, while others, like us, are pretty close to our neighbors.  Whatever the case may be for you, embrace what you have been blessed with and do the best you can!

So here we go!
  • First, assess the situation.  Stand in your front yard and take a look at what you see through fresh eyes.  Does something stand out to you?

ummm, no more snow!
Shrubs that need to be trimmed. 
Paint that needs a touch up.
Broken toys or stacks of things that need to be thrown out or at least put away.

  • Now do the same thing for your back yard.  I am convinced that the houses we drive by that look like a confused mess are not seen that way by the owners.  I believe that when the mess belongs to us we fail to see what others see.  Today, try to see your property like never before.  Ask yourself, if you were driving up to your house for the first time to potentially buy it, what would you think?
  • Now, GET STARTED!!  
Mow the grass.  Edge.  Weed eat.  Tend to the flower beds.  Throw the junk away.  Put things where they really belong.

Make your yard say welcome!  And make it a place that makes you smile when you drive into your driveway!

And make sure you take some pictures to share with us!
Speaking of pictures, how did you do last week?  Be sure to link up and share your progress so we can cheer you on!

Don't worry friends, we are headed back inside soon!  But until then, this week is a spot check for your pantry!  Go ahead, peek inside and see how it compares to several weeks ago.  Is it still sparkling and organized?  If not, take 15 minutes tonight to put it back in shape.  If you devote just a few minutes each day to keeping your house organized, it will make your life much simpler!

Week 24- The Porch and Deck

Week 26- The Storage Room/Attic


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  1. Oh Michele I need more than 15 minutes to put my pantry back together! I technically still in the laundry room but I've been migrating to the backyard. I had actually cleaned up the porch really nicely and then promptly messed it up again. I need to invest in a backyard shed soon. The front area we have plans for. The builder grade landscaping is boring but at least it's tidy.


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