Friday, June 12, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week 24- The Porch and Deck

Now that the weather has finally warmed up around here (yes, I know we are a bit behind most of the U.S.), we were finally able to get outside without being cold and spruce up the front and back porches. (Don't worry, we will head back inside to finish up some places there soon!) During our long winters, a lot of dirt and grime collects, plastic things get brittle and break, and the place just screams for a little TLC.

Just be reminded that this is not our forever house.  It is a rental.  And while we take care of it and treat it as our own, I am not willing to invest a lot of money into things that may or may not fit in our next location.  I have tried that once or twice in the past 23 years of moving and learned the hard way. For now, we buy inexpensive things, do the best we can, and dream of our forever home.  Where and whenever that may be!

So Porches and decks are up!  Ready, set, go!
  • Clear it all off.
  • Wash it all off.  This includes-
          - furniture
           -windows and doors
           -cracks and crevices

  • Throw anything broken or ratty out!
  • Return things to where they REALLY belong. (Like a sled that had been on the front porch all winter, just saying!)
  • Add a touch of beauty!  You don't have to invest a lot, just a little something that makes you smile every time you walk by.  This could include a plant, some pretty flowers, or just a mat at the door that says welcome!
Here is our little front porch-

And how our back deck looked before-

And after!

Someday I want amazing outdoor furniture and such but for now, I am learning to be content with what we have.  I did add a colorful rug and had to replace two chairs since our winds had wreaked havoc on them this winter.  Only a few small changes, but just enough to make me smile.  Until the heat comes! ;)

A quick note of encouragement... not one of us is the same situation, has the same tastes, or is even in the same place in our lives.  Some of us live in apartments, rentals, or even with family. Some of us have palatial homes while others are bursting out at the seams.  Regardless of our circumstances, we have a choice to either be content or not.  From one who moves every two years or so, may I encourage you to be content with where God has you?  He has great plans for you and your family.  Look for the blessings and be thankful - something I tell myself daily!

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How did you do last week in the linen closet?  Can't wait to see!  Make sure you link up or leave a picture on our Family, Faith and Fridays Faceboook page to earn an entry into our prize basket drawing!


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  1. Oh lovely Michele! I cleaned off our back porch last week and it's back messy again. I helped a friend all day to pack and move so my post will be up late. Love the rug and the tidy new porch! You've given me hope!


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