Monday, January 4, 2016

Complete Chaos!

It all seemed like a good idea on paper-

Buying a house alone.
A car accident involving two of my kids.
A husband returning from a year deployment.
Cleaning and painting said house.
A move the week of Christmas.
A two week Florida vacation.  Driving there, of course.
A new job for hubby.
A new job or me.
Learning a new town, finding a new church, making new friends.

You know, complete chaos.

In jest, my husband said all we needed to add was a death and divorce and we would have at least the top five life stressors all in a matter of four weeks.  Oh please, don't even!!

Life is good.  No divorces pending.  Haha.

But boy are things crazy as we work to settle into a new normal.  Whatever that is.  And wherever you find it.

When I finally come out of the fog and find my sanity, I will let you know.

If I remember! ;)


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  1. When the fog clears life is always interesting. Either you wonder when the next fog will roll in, or you blink and realize years have gone by. At least that is the way that it seems to me.


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