Monday, January 11, 2016

What a Three Week Move Looks Like

Yes, you read that correctly.  We drug this move, the closest door to door we have ever done, out for three weeks.

That's what happens when you close one week, live between house for the next two weeks, welcome home your husband who has been deployed for a year, and then pack out your old house and finally- move!

First, you close on a house alone with all the fun stress that entails.  You know, the little things, like sign your name and that of your husbands (as power of attorney) a ba-zillion times, and find out your kids have been in an accident just as you walk in to the closing.

Then you spend the first weekend in your new home cleaning and painting, all the while sleeping on blow up mattresses and eating at a card table.

Then you leave for a week to resume life at your old place and say a few more goodbyes.

Then you return to your new house, while once again dodging bad weather (who decided moving in the winter was a good idea?) and resuming more painting and cleaning.

Somewhere in between all that we did manage to retrieve my hubby from the airport and take him back to his new house!

After 10 days of fun living with bare necessities we returned back to our old house for some last goodbyes and to await the packers.

Four days of packing and loading all of our earthly possessions finally put us in our new home for good.

The week before Christmas.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Hey, we did manage to put up a small tree to keep the small one happy!


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  1. I can't wait to see a post about your Disney World trip!! <3 Avery


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