Monday, October 20, 2014

Z is for Zoo, Of Course!

Z is for Zoo - what else? What is funny about that is I had been struggling with what to do our last Blogging Through the Alphabet post on, and in God's perfect timing, we spent the day at the zoo with friends last week.
Hey, it's the little things, right?
So there were animals...

And children who pretended to be animals...

And then a pack of kids...
Yes, we might have been as big a spectacle as the actual animals.  When you travel in packs that seems to happen!

Yep, that is a big group! But let me tell 'ya, the zoo is much more fun that way!  Thank you T family for spending the day with us!

Ben and Me

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  1. I tried to be original, but came up with zoo for my Z post too. But isn't it a great place to visit, especially with kiddos still young enough to be in awe of everything?


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