Friday, October 17, 2014

Say Thank You- 52 weeks of family scripture memorization

We love manners in this house.  Between a military dad and southern roots, we are sticklers for manners.

One of the first things we teach our kids is the phrase thank you.

"What do you say when someone gives you something?"  Thank you

"What do you say when someone does something nice for you?"  Thank you

We drill it into their heads and, hopefully, eventually into their hearts.

So much so that once while playing UNO with our first born son, we asked him what he needed to say with just one card left.  His response..."thank you?"  Ummm, no, in this case, UNO will suffice! ;)

People like to hear the words thank you.  People need to hear the words thank you.

So it makes sense to me that God, the giver of EVERYTHING, deserves to hear the words thank you as well.

Thank you, God, for life.
Thank you, God, for family.
Thank you, God, for all that you have blessed us with.
Thank you, God, for loving us.
Thank you, God, for salvation.

What are you and your children thankful for today?


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