Friday, October 24, 2014

Rejoicing in this day!- 52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

Each day has been given to us by God.  
Each day we should wake up and rejoice in that!

Because let's face it, otherwise there is a lot to be discouraged about.  If we take our eyes off God and put them on our circumstances or the circumstances of those around us, we will not feel much like rejoicing.  It is just that simple.  Life is hard.  Days are hard.  Sometimes minutes are hard.

But we have a God that loves us.
He has given us our time on this earth to love Him, glorify Him, and tell others about Him!

To rejoice in Him and the day He has made.

Each day.  No matter our feelings, no matter our circumstances.
Or maybe, despite our feelings and despite our circumstances.

God is bigger than any of that!

Teaching that to my kids and myself this week!!


Missional Call

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