Monday, September 22, 2014

V is for Very Blessed

OK, honestly, the V thing was hard for me this week, but I decided I would share with you and tell you how I am counting my blessings this week. The idea actually stemmed from a question our family pondered last night as part of our time together- "What makes you happy?"  As our kids have gotten older, they love to pick a question to talk about.  It started at the kitchen table, but you will often find us pondering life anytime we are all together.

So what makes me happy?

These peeps!

Even Mr. Frowny! ;)

I love my family.  They make me happy.  They bless me.

I love how my 7 year old cracks up about something and will laugh so hard he cannot catch his breath.  He has come from some hard places and it thrills me he can still laugh better than the rest of us.  He is growing up and I am so proud of him.  Adoption is hard, friends, and this kiddo is proving he can handle it and come out on top.

I love to see my 12 year old take interest in his father and how they have found hobbies together that they are passionate about.  Seeing the two of them working side by side thrills me.  Boys need their dads around and I am blessed that we are in a season of our lives that my hubby is around to be an active participant in the boys' lives.

I love to watch the face of my 16 year old light up about anything theater.  To see her face when she walks into a performance of any kind fills my heart with joy.  It is like watching a young child on Christmas morning. To literally feel her joy as tears run down her face in just about every show we see, to hear her belt out Disney songs and to laugh while she quotes whole scenes from movies- she steals my heart.

I love that my oldest daughter is finding her way in the world with such grace and devotion to God and those around her.  Her joy is back and she is walking an exciting path. (more on that soon, I am sure) I love how hard she has pushed herself through school even when things got hard, how she is going to graduate 3 semesters early due to her diligence and perseverance and how she is embarking on some neat, new projects.  She inspires me.

I love that my husband loves and takes care of this family with such amazing devotion.  He is an awesome father and husband.  He puts people first in everything he does.  I love how his face lights up when someone asks about his career and flying helicopters, how he laughs when he plays with the kids and how he gets fired up when he mentors young men and women in the military.  He is my hero on a daily basis.

Yes, I am feeling very blessed.
How about you?  What makes you happy?  We would love to know!


Ben and Me



  1. What a sweet tribute to your family.Those of us who have good marriages and children desiring to follow God's path are blessed beyond measure. Family life is changing this year for me as my youngest marries and we become empty nesters. 30 years of parenting. But God blesses each season and I'm eager to see what He has in store for "just us two." ~Pamela

    1. Thank you Pamela! 30 years- wow, that is fantastic! Congratulations on your past season and many blessings on your new one!


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