Friday, September 26, 2014

Angry Words- 52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

Today we are adding on to our verse from last week.  Go ahead and try- you can do it!


An emotion that can get the best of us, and our children if we are not careful.  

My youngest knows this well in our home.  His natural tendency when angered is to lash out.  When he first came home at age 21 months he would slip into times of rage when he did not get his way, when he was frustrated, or when he was scared.  At times is was terrifying.  Praise The Lord, most of that behavior has subsided, but he still battles with controlling his temper.  

Words slip out of his mouth that are hurtful and harsh sometimes, and I have to remind him that while it is ok to feel angry, it is NOT ok to use hurtful words.  Let's just say, we work a lot on the "catch your words" concept.  That once you say things, you cannot take it back.  That once someone hears something, you cannot make their ears forget what they heard.  Words spoken in anger hurt other people.

Oh, how many times a day does God wish I would "catch my words?"  It is not just a little kid problem.  It is a human problem.

I see it in Walmart when a parent yells at their child for disobedience.

I see it on the street when a driver yells at someone who accidentally cut in front of them.

I see it on Facebook when someone responds to a post with harsh words because they disagree.  

I see it in spouses who are suppose to love and respect each other.

Honestly, I see it in me more times than I care to admit.

And it always leads to evil!

This week, let's hide God word in our hearts and remember to "catch our words" as we teach our children about God and His love.  His words are the BEST!

Blessings, Michele

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