Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sewing Through August

Ha!  August and September, that is!

I am just going to tell you right upfront that none of the projects I am showing you are mine.  Big surprise, huh?  NOT!  I do have several waiting in the wings if I can ever find the time to get myself in the sewing room and turn on a machine.  It is seriously pitiful, ya'll.  I have big aspirations, but just cannot seem to find the spare time.  

I am going to figure it out!  Eventually.

On the other hand, my seamstress daughter is busier by the day.  Hour, maybe.  She is now the only seamstress for a local dry cleaner.  (Did I tell you that already?)  She picks up work three times a week and does a two day turnaround.  She had become quite the expert in hemming pants and replacing zippers.

She also sent this cute outfit to a cousin.

And taught a friend how to make a jean skirt out of jeans.  

And finished her sister's Eowyn (from Lord of the Rings) dress.  Yes, that is all hand embroidery.

Oh, and has continued to work for a friend who sells beachwear.

And made herself a shirt one day because she liked the fabric.

And still does custom orders for people as well.

Hmmm, maybe my lack of sewing is not about the lack of time, but the lack of space for me in the sewing room.

Yes, I am sure that is it!  ;)
yep, my space!


Did I mention she just got a job at a local Bridal shop sewing for them?


  1. She is very talented. What a skill to have. I can't wait to see what you sew when you have time and space. I have been making sandwich wraps.

  2. What wonderful sewing projects! I love the jean skirt out of jeans... brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing.


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