Friday, September 19, 2014

Patiently Still- 52 weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

Did you think I forgot you this morning?  Running a little late around here!

To start off- this is the verse we are working on this week.  Heads up- we will add on to it next week as well.

These memorization posts were never meant to be a commentary from me really, just a 'hey, here is a verse or two we are working on, won't you join us" kind of thing.  But surprise surprise.  Sometimes I have something I want to share with you.  So.... today I want to comment on a few phrases that really struck me in this verse.

Ummm, really?  Being still is hard for some of us in this family.  I have a bouncy boy who does not sit still.  I have a preteen boy that has places to go and people to see.  I have two girls very busy with life.  We do life and often we do it at a fast pace.  So to BE STILL, well, that is hard. 

But it is God-commanded.  Did you know that God does not make suggestions?  The Bible is not a list of "hey, why don't you think about this?" verses.  Just like when I tell my son to sit still to keep him safe, God commands us to be still.  Not to take away our fun, but to ground us, calm us, and give us the opportunity to sit at His feet.  The only true place of safety.  

Well, we all know how good I am at this.  NOT!  Patience is not my strong suit.  How about you?  Just last night my family had a discussion about being box checkers.  Identify a problem, find a solution, fix it and check the box- move on.  We are guilty of that a lot of times.  But sometimes we cannot just take matters into our own hands and check a box.  God commands us (there is that word again) to wait patiently.   Sometimes the process God has for us takes longer than a moment or a day.  And sometimes, many times, He asks us to wait patiently for that process.  

I think I can hear a few of my friends snickering as I type.  Fret use to be my middle name.  It is a battle I face daily.  I am a worrier by nature.  But I am working on it.  Because 1- God said DO NOT FRET and 2- because I trust that He has got it- whatever "it" is.  And I want to live like I believe it!

Ok, so I know the verse is about so much more that.  Remember I said that these Scripture memorization Fridays were about hiding God's word in your heart, not a Bible study.  That I am not  qualified for.  But each time we read and learn a new scripture the Lord pricks my heart, challenges me, and reminds me of His love for me.

Remember that love today and take time to teach it to your kids.  You will be forever blessed!


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