Monday, September 15, 2014

U is for U Picked

So as we are coming close to the end of the alphabet with my friend Marcy at Ben and Me, I knew I was going to struggle with a few letters.  I mean really, who actually uses the letters U-Z?  So I thought I would have a little fun and ask my friends what U is for.  And a few were brave enough to take me up on the challenge.

So this one is for them...

Underwear- This one I will just leave simple- As my momma always said, make sure you have a clean pair on each morning, in case you are in an accident, of course.  ;) Yes, my sons, that means each week I had better see 7 pairs in the laundry that need to be washed.  Why do boys need that reminder? Seriously!

Ultimate utensils I cannot live without- Hmmm, a few months ago I would have said my wheat mill right away, but since I now have a child who is wheat free, times have changed.  I guess I would have to go with my Crock Pot and my paring knife.  And yes, I am sure the crock pot is a utensil.

Utilizing curriculum- Well, most of you know I am a curriculum junkie.  I love reviewing it and using it.  That's often a problem.  Did you know that there are just not enough hours in the day to use all of the great stuff available to homeschoolers out there? Just saying.  Because every once in a while I try to fit it all in and my children threaten to leave home.  Or at least tell the principal on me.

Uniform- We don't have one.  But if we did, we might just school in our jammies all day in front of the fireplace.  I am pretty sure that is what most homeschoolers do, right?  Oh, and if my oldest had had a say in it years ago we would have had uniforms.  She begged- and the principal said no.  True story!

Understanding-  This one made me think, thank you very much. So here goes...  I long for understanding.  I am a people pleaser.  I want people to be happy.  Not necessarily with life in general, but with me.  Well, with life too, but mostly with me.  Sad, but true.  I want people to know my heart and what makes me tick.  I want people to understand me.  We actually lost a few followers after my pig post, and received a few nasty comments (which I deleted because it is my blog and I can do that).  But it really bothered me and I was sorry we lost friends.  However, I am not sorry  for my post. I would only be sharing part of my life with you if I only shared with you the fun and the lovely.  Butchering may not be lovely, but for many of us who eat meat, it is necessary.  And while it may not be my new favorite hobby, I do appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to know where my meat came from and how it was treated. It is a small comfort.  My prayer is that while you may not love every thing we do or every decision we make, you will appreciate and understand that this blog is full of honesty- what you see is what you get.  I am blessed you are here- I pray you are as well.

Uncomplicated- Ha, right!  See above point.  Blogging IS complicated.  So is life.  Just let me tell you about the past month in my life sometime.  Life pulls us in a million directions sometimes and it is so easy to become COMPLICATED.  I think that is one of the many reasons I love homeschooling.  And one of the many reasons I am such a homebody.  Those things allow me to simplify.  To say no to the extras and yes to my family and the people and things I love.  I desire uncomplicated.  It is a process I am currently working on.

So that sums it up.  Silly but fun.  The letter U, brought to you by friends (you know who you are)!  Love you guys!


Ben and Me



  1. I agree -- I think the end of the alphabet will call for some creativity.

  2. "I better see 7 pairs of underwear" - that one had me cracking up!!!!

    1. It's only funny when it is not you saying it! ;)

  3. I got quite the chuckle when I clicked your link. Here I was expecting to see you picking apples or pumpkins and the first thing I read is about underwear! As far as ABC blogging I've got every letter except W, and yes X is a very creative stretch.

    1. Hope you were not disappointed! ;) yes, v and x are going to kill me!


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