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Wizzy Gizmo-Schoolhouse Crew Review

How can you possibly say no to a product with the name Wizzy Gizmo?   Yes, I admit, it was one of the first things that made me take notice of this company.  The second was the fact that it offered a product called Audio Drama One- Who Created Everything?  from the book of Genesis - chapter one.

Wizzy Gizmo Review

We love audio dramas in this house.

We love the Bible even more.

So combine the two, and I figured, hey, it must be worth a try.

I was right!

Wizzy Gizmo was co-created by Chris Del Aguila and Justin Cummins. I immediately liked them when I read that they were intent on keeping their products "thoroughly Biblical" and "thoroughly wholesome."  They strive to keep to the factual word of God as well as avoid slang or unwholesome attitudes or language in any of their products.

Created around the imaginary world of WizzyGizmo and his Gizmovsion machine, this audio drama tells the story of creation, one day at a time.  When Wizzy and his friends put the Bible in the machine, they are transported back in time and are able to watch firsthand as God creates the world and all that is in it.

This audio is advertised for ages 4-12,  but with silly characters like a duck named Qwacky and a dog named Pepe, laughter abounds with lots of jokes and silly humor for any age.  In between that humor you will find beautiful lessons of the six days of creation.  

Each chapter relies on the reading of scripture to tell the main part of the story, reminding kids exactly what the Word of God says.  I love that.  For our family, I do not mind presenting the Bible in a fun way, as long as it is clear that the Word of God is truth.  I feel like Wizzy Gizmo does a great job of this.

Sprinkled through the CD are songs with a wide range of appeal.  From the "modern" theme song to the a silly song about mangoes, your kids will quickly learn the words and be singing along. Mine did, during a recent road trip we took.  An additional 24 minutes of bonus material at the end includes 7 instrumental pieces that are beautiful.  One of the reasons this stood out for me was I couldn't help it think it would be a great bedtime CD to listen to. After the 36 minute creation bible story, your kids can listen to the instrumental pieces to fall asleep.  There is also a fun quiz at the end to see if your kids were paying attention!

Our entire family enjoyed listening to this CD on our trip, but I have to admit our 7 year old loves it most. He has since taken it to his room and listens to it daily.  Several times a day.  Or more.  Let's just say I am anxious for the second CD to come out!  For those of you who have kids that prefer books, this CD is available in book form and the second book is also already available.  You can read about those as well as the really neat Bible cards that Wizzy Gizmo offers, by clicking on the review button below.

Just for the record, this was taken at the cabin we were at recently- not my couch! ;)

Overall, I have been very impressed with this product.  This is a company I think we better keep our eye on- Wizzy Gizmo is up to great things!

The audio drama Who Created Everything? can be purchased for $14.99.

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  1. What a cute little guy!!! We used the Fast Track Pack but I did purchase this set for Lance's birthday.


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