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9 Reasons You Can't Homeschool- Debunked!

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Back to Homeschool Blog Hop
First things first!
I have been doing this for a long time, this homeschooling thing.  It has had its ups and downs, but it has been worth the ride.  And trust me, sometimes the ride was not easy.  It was bumpy, and winding and often mismarked.  But it is what God has called OUR FAMILY to do.

And while I do not argue that homeschooling is for everyone, I do get tired of all the reasons people list for why they do NOT homeschool.

Choose to and forge ahead, confident in that decision. No excuses.

Choose not to, and forge ahead in that decision. No excuses.

Because the excuses?  I have heard them all.  And frankly, they are weak.

I don't have enough patience.
Who does?  I am pretty sure that there are not a lot of patient people hiding out there and I am pretty sure that homeschool moms have not cornered the market on patience.  If anyone need patience, it is the teacher that is teaching 30 kids that are not hers and she does not love.

I don't have enough money.
Who does?  OK, maybe someone does, but not most of us.  There are many expensive curriculums out there if you look for them.  But there are also tons of free resources.  In this day and time of internet access and creative people, you can find plenty of resources at the tip of your fingers.  Want a place to start- search Easy Peasy Homeschooling.

My kids won't listen to me.
Ummm, don't mean to be frank here, but, let me be frank.  If this is truly a problem, you have a problem- and it has nothing to do with homeschooling.  Our kids should listen to us. Regardless of whether we are asking them to clean their rooms or do a math fact.  Do we have kids that listen perfectly all of the time?  Nope!  One especially is still in training.  BUT, they are expected to listen.  Even during school time.

They won't have any friends.
Why not?  You are schooling them, not quarantining them.

They won't be socialized.
With 30 other same-aged children?  Probably not.  But with babies, toddlers, kids their age, older kids, adults and grandparents?  Yes!

But what about prom?
Seriously?  NOT a good reason to send a child to school.  And there are some good reasons.  This is just not one of them.

I can't teach harder classes.
Yes you can.  And you will.  Or you will find someone else who will.  We learn as we go, just like our children.  And what we cannot figure out, we find out.  Google search and YouTube are great things! ;) So are libraries, co-ops and fellow homeschooling families.

They won't get into a good college.
Yes they can.  And yes they do.  There are many homeschool-friendly colleges out there and some that intentionally seek out homeschoolers.

They won't do well in college.
Again, they can and will.  Trust me on this one.  My oldest graduates in December.  A semester early.

The excuses go on and on.  But they are just that, excuses. An attempt to justify not homeschooling.

There's no need.  If homeschooling is not for your family, then it is not. You don't owe anyone an explanation for your decision any more than I owe someone an explanation for mine.

Choose well, choose wisely and then rest comfortably.

But should you choose to join the ranks of other homeschooling families-

Welcome!  You are in for the thrill of your life.

Come back tomorrow as we talk about getting you organized!  You want to be organized, right?

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  1. Michelle,
    I. Loved. This.
    I JUST had a conversation with someone this weekend. She asked if I was homeschooling and I told her I was. Then she told me how she wasn't and the reasons why she determined she wouldn't be good at it. I really didn't say anything. LOL! But I assure you some of her excuses were on this list! She told me that her son was doing well in school and so I praised her and said that if he's doing well and everyone is happy then it sounds like it's working for her.

    They always think I'm going to argue...LOL!

  2. Yep, I've heard all those excuses as well. And another one I hear a lot is: "I'm just not organized enough" Seriously?? I am so organizationally-challenged and yet I can do it, so I don't buy that excuse either.

  3. I. love. this. post.
    Amen, indeed, I agree, you go girl!

  4. Right on! I have heard all of these.

  5. Fantastic post! You do such good job of taking the excuse and showing the truth, quick and honestly. I will be sharing this! - Lori H

  6. GREAT points, Michele. Will be sharing! It's good to learn these if you don't know them and to be reminded when you do. :)

  7. well written and to the point.. good post. :) I love your point on patience and how teachers need it when teaching 30 students she doesn't love... puts it into perspective doesn't it?

  8. I love these excuses and most definitely the ways you answered them back wisely!

  9. At the state fair there was an Usborne book booth, and the lady asked if I was a homeschooler. Why yes I am. "Oh I could never homeschool, I have an only child and I have no patience." My reply "I homeschool because I have an only child and no patience." Seriously people.

  10. Well stated! I have definitely heard the no patience thing from many, as well as "I could never spend so much time with my kids". But I love being around my children and seeing their faces when they learn something new :-) Enjoy the new year!

  11. Love this! I especially love the "I don't have enough money" because I always look sideways at the person making that comment and ask them if they think we have a source of income that we don't have! LOL

  12. Great post! I used to teach high school, so I always want to laugh about the prom thing. The kids where I taught ALWAYS complained after prom. The venue was dumb, the food was bad, the music was lame. We honestly set kids up for dissapointment. Prom is NOT the rite of passage Hollywood makes it out to be. It's. Just. A. Party. Is that what we are teaching our kids to value?

  13. So glad I found you through A Little R & R's link party! I'm just beginning to dig into homeschooling. We'll be moving to Kenya in early 2016 when I'll take over the education of our littles. I'm thrilled, as I have a Masters of Education and love to teach. I know it won't be like teaching an entire classroom, but the whole learning process is fascinating, especially seeing my own children go through it. I'll certainly be following your blog now! Blessings!

  14. So, how about nicely saying in response, "I didn't ask if you wanted or could." Probable response to that, "Well, I think I could do it if I wanted to!"

  15. Hi Michelle! I'm Lucky to hop here. I'm from India& I home-schooled my eldest one for fourth grade.Result was amazing......seriously nxt year she was picked up by her school instantly(if we don't send our kids to good school, then there are hundreds of raised eyebrows ).But I strongly am feeling that school is not doing justice to her, she can handle more.but school've their limitations. So I'm planning to home-school all three of them next year. Because no one can ever understand my kids better then ME! your great post has strengthen my decision. I would love to be part of your home-schooling tribe as it'll prepare me for forthcoming year:)


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