Friday, August 1, 2014

Dealing With Anger- 52 weeks of family scripture memorization

After a challenging month with a huge chunk of scripture, we are going to make things a little simpler for a while and focus on children's behavior- with help from the Psalms.  Simpler in length, not in concept!

Our kids are 7, 12, 16 and 20.  The two youngers are boys, the olders are girls.  The two middles are also getting ready to have birthdays.  The youngest, for the record, was born in Guatemala and not brought home until was 21 months old.  Just want you to know where we are coming from.  We tell people all of the time that the youngest is still in the training stage.  That is only partially true.

Aren't we ALL still in the training stage in at least one area of our lives?  Or several!

So, let's do some training- for those kiddos in our lives and for ourselves!


We tell our kids all the time that it is ok to be angry.  The problem is how we handle our anger.  Some of us are better at it than others. 

It is ok to be angry-
not to hit
 not to bite
 not to throw a tantrum
 not to pout
 not to say unkind words name your response.

Because those responses are sin.
And God does not like sin.

It seems simple but it is worth remembering in times of anger.  Let's teach our kids, and ourselves, acceptable ways to respond with anger without sinning.

And then let's remind them that God ALWAYS forgives us when we do sin!


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  1. I struggle with anger and frustration myself, and so therefore my kids do as well. It is a constant topic of conversation in our home! Some of it's good, because we're always coming to the feet of Jesus together. But there are discouraging days as well. Thanks for the reminder to stay diligent in this area!

    1. Tauna, Thank you for your honesty. And yes, diligence and Jesus are the key. At His feet with you!


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