Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be Our Guest

Over the past weeks and months, I have had the blessed opportunity to be a guest blogger for a few great people.  It is fun and it is an honor.  I think I do some of my best writing for other people! haha

My latest post is for a fellow military wife and mom who is in the middle of an overseas move- better her than me.  ;) After serving for several years in Germany, Heather's family is headed back to the states!  Welcome home, Heather!

With a week long Back to Homeschooling blog hop starting next week, here is a warm up to get you thinking...

6 Tips for Multi-Level Schooling
Schooling multiple children is at best, challenging. But multiple children all at different grade levels, well, at times it can be maddening. BUT, it can be done with a little planning, strategizing, and well, maybe some extra prayers!
We are one of those families. Four kids all spread out. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But, yes, it can make day to day schooling a challenge. Currently we have a college student, a highschooler, a middle schooler and an elementary kiddo. Some days, keeping track of them all can make my head spin. Luckily, we have found through the years some things that help make the day run more smoothly...

Read the rest of the article at Only Passionate Curiosity!

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