Monday, August 4, 2014

O is for Oh Shoot!

We get a lot of questions about our thoughts on TV and movies. And I am usually hesitant to offer too many thoughts.

Everyone is different and everyone is convicted in different ways.

But we are ALL called to the same standards by God.  

Unfortunately they are far different than the world's standards in many ways.

And so we are very careful with what those in our family, kids and adults, watch.

For many reasons.  One being the language in so many shows.

Have you seen this video?

WOW!  It made a huge impact on our family.
We have always told our kids "trash in, trash out."  And we have always told them that we pick up what we hear because we become immune to it.  And we have always told them that once you hear something (or see, or say something) you cannot get it out of your head.  Or heart.  
And for the most part I think they hear us and take note.
But there is just something about a visual that seems to make more of an impact on us.  This is such a case.
Watching that family get hit by all those paint balls made me cringe.  So too, should every bad word I hear.  Or that my kids hear.  
I want them to cringe.  I want them shudder.  I want to protect them.
Can I from every bad word?  Of course not.  I cannot, nor would desire to, control every aspect of their life.  But while under our care and in our home, TV and movies are one thing we remain in control of.
For us that means limiting what we watch.  Yes, we are one of those Andy Griffith, Little House on the Prairie and Daniel Boone watching families. But because we also have a TV guardian on our TV we are able to watch other shows that are a little more current.  As my mom used to say, the kids can't go to college only having watched Veggie Tales! (Though it seemed like a good idea at the time.)
So yes, we restrict our TV and movie time, but we also enjoy movie nights on Fridays as a family.  
Minus the bad language.
If you take nothing else from the video, take this- every word has impact.  I would encourage you to start while your kids are young to protect them from bad language.


"... whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. "  Phil. 4:8
*Please note, this is NOT an endorsement of VidAngel, nor have we explored the company or their services.  There are some movies they talk about in their "behind the scenes" video that I am not sure why you would want to watch, regardless of whether the bad language or anything else was taken out.  This instead is just a post of my personal experience and why we avoid TV and movies with bad language.

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  1. Great post Michele. What a powerful video!

  2. Great post Michele! Garbage in, Garbage Out!!! What a powerful video - We will be watching that as a family tonight!

  3. That's excellent! so so true. We need to protect our children.


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