Monday, August 18, 2014

Q is for Quiet Time

Sometimes life gets a little crazy and we need to stop, be still, and reset.

Our family kind of hit that point this past week. There have been a lot of things going on in our lives, Not particularly bad things, but just lots of things- distractions that we allowed to take away our peace and our quiet.  

So we headed off last week to find it.  Quiet, that is!

In the past our family refuge has been the beach.  But, hey, times change and well, we are living in South Dakota now.  So off to the hills we headed!  The Black Hills.

This is our third trip there.  Our second staying with an old friend and her husband.  Darryl and Christy own and operate Spokane Creek Cabins and Campground.  Whether you tent, RV or are looking for a cute little cabin to rest your head at night, this is a place you will want to visit.  Thank you, Darryl and Christy, for once again giving us a place to reset and find some quiet!

Despite having to come home a day early due to one family member being sick, we managed to have a great time.  Good thing, because as of the writing of this post Sunday night (yes, I am a little behind) 4 out of six family members feel like death warmed over.  I think I need another vacation.

Day one was all about Custer State Park and the Wind Cave.  CJ's one mission was to see Bison and some wild burros!  Seriously, he is easily entertained.  Especially when the burros will eat out of your hand and, I am pretty sure, would climb in your car if you let them!

Saw some pronghorn antelope as well, just like the ones in our yard in Wyoming!

Salem just wanted to see a different cave.  This one did not disappoint.  Since the Wind cave is a mostly downhill journey with only 11 stairs up, even I got to enjoy it.  And the elevator ride back up!

The 7 year old was just a tad tired, can 'ya tell?  
Back at camp the boys played by the creek and that night we enjoyed s'mores by the campfire, of course.

Day two was spent at Sylvan Lake.  Oh. My. Word!  That could be one of my new favorite places.  Pictures just do not do it justice.  So beautiful!

Do the rocks look familiar to any of you?  Yes, that is the place where parts of National Treasure 2 was filmed.

In addition, one can climb 'til you that is what the olders did.  Have I mentioned these kids are slightly obsessed with rock climbing and bouldering?

Luckily, there is also a great little "beach" area where CJ could swim while we waited.

Day three- well, the drive home was not thrilling but necessary.  And still quiet, since everyone was worn out from our two quick days.

We enjoyed our quiet time, are laying low for the week recovering from illness and then forging ahead next week with our new school year.

I pray you have had a blessed weekend as well, my friends, and that you too will seek quiet time when you need it.

God will refresh our souls, if we will just allow Him to.  And He doesn't need the beach or the mountains to make that happen!


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  1. Thank you for sharing the photos -- that is a beautiful part of the country.

  2. oh, what a lovely way to spend some time in quiet. Can I come along next time?? :)


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