Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unexpected Move

Yep, you read it right.  We are moving.

But for once, this is not the military's fault, idea!

And thank goodness, it is just down the street from where we currently live.  Hey, trying to look on the bright side of things.

So just why are we moving?


Severe allergies!

If you follow us on FB you may have recently seen me mention that our oldest was diagnosed with serious environmental allergies.  As in 60 out of the 63 things she was tested for came back positive.  Severely so.  You name it, she is allergic to it - pollen, molds, trees, grass, cats, dogs, dust, and on and on and on.  It was not a fun day of testing. It was not a fun day period.  It can never be a good sign when a nurse enters the room, takes one look at your daughter's inflamed back and says oh no, and then repeatedly apologizes.  Repeatedly!  Or when the doctor says you are going to have to make some life changes.

The recommendations - change what you can in your environment and start allergy shots ASAP.

Enter our unexpected move.

You see, we live in an older rental house. But as you probably know, older houses have their issues.   Never good for a child who has severe allergies.

So we have been in a desperate search for a safer house.  No, she cannot live in a sterile environment.  But she can live someplace that is newer, has no history of problems and, quite honestly, is a smaller place for me to be able to keep as clean as possible.

It will be like starting over in a way.  Good Bye to many blankets, pillows, artificial plants- anything that can harbor dust mites and dust.  Hello to daily vacuuming and dusting, allergen resistant mattress and pillow covers and face masks. (her, not us- and only when grinding wheat or cleaning!)

It is mind boggling and overwhelming at times.  Yes, we move often, but I will admit we have been spoiled in doing so.  When I say we move, I mean a company comes and packs us up and moves our stuff.  This time we are on our own.  Pray for my husband.  Haha! Please pray for us as we move everything down the road while reevaluating what it is safe for us to keep and what is not and while we downsize yet again.

I also ask that you pray for us and especially our sweet daughter.  The good news is this diagnosis did not introduce new "stuff," just new labels.  We want to use those labels to help her, not to identify her.

Hopefully you will not notice a change in our posting this week and next, but if you do, just shake your head and repeat after me -

 An unexpected move! ;)


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  1. We did the non military move a few times- get lots of helpers from your church and see if there is a family that might serve lunch or dinner to the moving crew so you have one less thing to worry about..:)

  2. We are renting a house built in 2000 and my oldest (8 years old) has pretty bad allergy symptoms.. he is severely allergic to dairy, and was tested for a short list of inhalents and is allergic to dog, cat, sage brush, oak trees, and walnut trees, and I think more things... he has a hard time sleeping at night due to nasel congestion, sneezing (even in his sleep) etc etc.... we just found mold in the back corner of the master closet... not sure what to do!! This house is all we can afford and has a landlord willing to let us live here with (soon to be ) 7 kids in a 1000 sqft house! Feeling trapped...
    Anyway, will say a prayer for your family! :)

  3. Oh, goodness, Michele! You have such a sweet spirit and I will be praying that the Lord gives grace and strength as you make these big life changes in the midst of a move.

    While we've moved 10 times in 22 years of marriage (and I can't even blame the military for any of them!), the worst was our last one when we had to move twice in one month while I was 8 months pregnant with #8 and I was put on bedrest for high blood pressure. We were in the middle of buying and gutting a house at the time. Talk about the Lord working on my patience! (and my family's too) :)

  4. Ugh! I feel your pain! Naomi has been tested for allergies due to her chronic asthma attacks. We are curious to see if these six months in RI will be different for her. We have been highly suspect of the creek that runs through the backyard in VA and have talked about putting the house on the market and moving to a different home if we should return to that area. Allergies do help you streamline and pare down -- per our allergists recommendations, we said adios to a bunch of stuffed animals and hello to a new cleaning routine!


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