Friday, March 21, 2014

Sewing to Summer - March Projects

We are excited to be linking up with Jennifer at Milk and Honey Mommy for her Sewing to Summer series.  Because of our recent Unexpected Move, our sewing was slowed down a little.  The good news is we (OK, my daughter) gained a new, clean sewing room out of the deal and has started to settle in.  Good thing, because just this week a local dry cleaners began giving out her name for alterations and she had her first customer come by with a few projects for her.

What I really want to share with you this month though is one of her personal projects I got her into. She loves when I have these great ideas for her to try out.  Haha.  Hey, I have to live vicariously through somebody, 'ya know!  I stick with quilts.  

I saw this cool pattern...

and just knew her brother would love one!  As it turned out, everyone wanted one and so she started with her brother and sister since the sizing was the closest and would not require such major adjustments. Brother wanted sleeves, sister wanted just the vest, so they have slightly different looks.  Now we are all in line for fleece pullovers, especially now that you can get some good deals on winter fabric.  Seeing as we had several inches of snow twice this week, I am assuming winter is still going to hang around South Dakota for a little while longer!

As for my projects, well let's just say that this one...

still looks exactly the same.  Hey, I have been busy hanging pictures!  But next month, I assure you I will make some progress.  Or at least lie about it! ;)  One thing I really want to do is put initials on our cloth napkins for each family member.  I will let you know how that goes.

How about you?  Are you busy sewing or do you have summer projects waiting patiently at your sewing machine?  We would love for you to link up with us and share what you are doing!


Head on over to Milk and Honey Mommy to see what are people are sewing!

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  1. I need to get busy sewing! I have many baby projects in the works before August- hoping to sew some sleepers and blankets, and use my embroidery machine on some burp cloths.

  2. Michele,

    Your daughter is very talented. She has taken on a sewing project that I have never done (pullover/jacket). I see that she also takes custom orders (sleeves/no sleeves) :-).

    Don't we have children so that we may live vicariously through them? I love the way my children manage to bring me out of my comfort zone where sometimes, I try what they are brave/creative/talented enough to experience.

    1. Thank you! She loves what she does and was recently hired to do some work for a local dry cleaners. She has much more talent than I do, and does inspire me!


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