Friday, March 21, 2014

The Joy Continues with 52 weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

My 16 year old is a funny girl!  As a matter of fact, a post about her is coming soon. After a traumatic birth story and hard first few years with our oldest, we were not even sure we wanted two children. Seriously, the only child thing was looking pretty good.  Hey, I am an only child and I turned out relatively OK.  No comments from the peanut gallery, please.  Anyway, I know without a shadow of a doubt that God said "give that family some joy" and out popped Riley.  (if only it had taken that little of an effort on my part!)

Anyway, she is joy!  And she makes me laugh.  And she does almost all of my graphics for this blog.  Which is why you almost ended up with this as your scripture for the month -

See, I told 'ya,  funny girl.  I asked her to find a good verse on JOY and this is what she proposed.  I may or may not pay her for this month's work! ;)

Once she stopped giggling, because she cracks herself up at times, she got serious and found this momma-approved verse instead.

I like it.  It is a good reminder to teach our children that we should not only have JOY but spread it to others as well.  Do you remember me saying before that one of our family sayings is "Are you happy? Notify your face"?  It is like that.  Some people are not just naturally happy, joyful people.  They need an extra nudge sometimes.  They need a smiile, a kind word, even a hug.  When we are kind and peaceful, we encourage those around us to be so as well - sometimes with only a simple smile.

I challenge you this week to not only memorize this verse as a family, but see how many people you can bless this week by spreading the JOY!


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  1. LOL at the original verse she chose!! I love the more serious verse as well - such an encouragement to promote peace.


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