Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Remembering March

I mentioned last month that I was so done with February.  Well, thankfully March more than made up for it.  I am thankful...

For friends who helped move us and all of our stuff into a different house.  You know you have amazing friends when they take a break from their busy lives to spend days with you moving.

For a house that is a more healthy environment for our oldest daughter.  Every day that I wake up here I remind myself that we are so blessed to be here and without worry that the house is making her even sicker.

For the smaller spaces.  Seriously.  This I have learned about myself - I am overwhelmed by large spaces.  Not the spaces themselves, mind you.  But the baggage they bring along with them.  More places to clean.  More to take care of.  More space between rooms.  More stuff!  As we simplify our stuff, I love that we are simplifying our space.  I love that our bedroom is just off the living room.  I love that I can stand in the kitchen and still be a part of the living room conversation.  I love that my boys are just a few feet away at all times.  Call me crazy, but I love close and cozy.  It frees my mind of clutter and makes my heart sing.

For a normal school schedule.  Yes, I missed doing school.  Can you believe that?  I love sitting at the table doing school with my kids.  I love working through things with them.  I love that we can study hard and then play hard.   My family does better on a schedule.  Which is good since they have a mom that loves schedules!

For TOS Review Crew and the independent reviews that I do, as well.  We are blessed weekly by review opportunities that knock my socks off.  Like getting to see God's Not Dead before it was released.  Reviewing a CD series that my family loves to listen to.  Like finding yet another Spanish program that is challenging us to learn even more.  It keeps me busy, but it also brings me a lot of joy. I have been asked to guest blog in several new venues and I love it.  Can you believe that someone actually likes to hear me ramble on...other than my husband?!

So, yes, school and life are how I remember March.  And it is all good!

I pray that you had a blessed month as well and are excited for April.  I hear it may almost be   spring...somewhere!


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