Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Gaming Continues

Yep, we are STILL playing games around here.  It is just what we do.  A lot.

But today I want to share with you a few I think are great for homeschoolers in particular.  Well, OK, they are great for anyone, but we homeschoolers like to pretend anything can count as school.

Sometimes it can!

Battleship- Do not ask me how this child talked his sister into playing with him.  Not sure she will do it ever again.  BUT- this is a great strategy game.  It can teach children about slowing down and thinking about what they should do next.  (trust me when I say this boy needs to slow down sometimes!) It teaches reasoning.  It even teaches about how to lose gracefully.  ummm, still working on that one.

UNO- Yep, still playing this one.  I have said it before, but it bears repeating- this game is good for number and color recognition.  Yes, we have now moved passed that need, but someone who shall remain nameless really likes to win at this one.

Sorry-  While some of us are pretty tired of this game, it does teach good counting skills and reading skills as well.

Creationary- In case you haven't noticed, Legos are the homeschoolers new best friend!  Teaching math- check!  Teaching art- check!  I am not kidding.  There are lessons plans out there for about any subject you want to revolve around Legos.  For now we are sticking to the game, but I will admit it teaches a lot of creativity.  For the record- I stink at it!  Big time!

Campbells Alphabet Dice Game - This is a fun one.  I like it because it is a little less intimidating than Scrabble and takes a lot less time.  A good game to teach spelling but has a few extra rules that make it fun as well.

There are many more, but a mom can only take but so many games a day.  Now, to get the 6 year old to understand that!  Next week, let's talk about some "grown up" games, shall we?

Until then, win some- lose some, but have fun either way!


Beginning on Monday you can see what other games and toys fellow homeschoolers are playing!
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