Friday, March 7, 2014

Bring on the JOY! 52 weeks of Family Scripture Memorization, week 10

I am gonna just say it like it is- I have never been so glad the month of February is over.  Seriously. And seriously sad, too!  It was a month full of sickness and challenges and hard decisions.

It. Was. Not. Fun.  

And, yes, I know, life is not about fun.  Really, I know that.  But you know that sometimes what your head knows and what your heart feels are just miles apart.  Am I the only one that struggles with that? OK, maybe I do not want to know the answer to that.

But trust me, this month is going to be different.  Actually, this MONTH may not be different, but I am going to be different.  And since God's timing is always perfect I had already been led to concentrate on J-O-Y verses this month.  JOY is what I need.  

Not just happiness, mind you, but JOY that comes from the Lord.  Because I know He cares for and loves us.  Because I know that He has our backs.  And because I know He is in control.

I am resting in those things this month!   How about you?


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