Friday, February 28, 2014

Teaching Through the Disagreements- 52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization, week 9

Do your children argue?  Come on, be honest!

I will admit we have had many years of peace in our house.  Not only did we just not tolerate arguing when the kids were younger, but quite frankly they just got along pretty well most of the time.  But now it seems a certain 6 year old likes to torment a certain 12 year old.  You would think that said 12 year old would just learn to walk away, but, ummmm, NO!  

So this week and probably for many others we will be working on this verse!

We want our kids to enjoy unity with not only their siblings but also the people around them.  I want them to know that getting along pleases the Lord.  And mom!

I have a bloggy friend who did a post on this verse and just this subject that I know would bless you to read.  Gwen is the mom to 8 kids blogs at Tolivers to Texas.  Pop on over and see how she is teaching her kids not to fight in her awesome post Siblings, Not Enemies.

Next month, let's talk about JOY!  Hope you will join us!


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