Monday, February 24, 2014

Remembering February

OK, I know the month is not quite over, but I have a busy week of two great reviews for you coming up so I want to do our school month review today.

Has February been hard for anyone else?  Please tell me it isn't just me.  I love the cold and snow, really I do, but it seems that February has been a rough month.  Weather-wise and school-wise.  I have been so antsy I started buying curriculum for next year -like we need new curriculum- and we seem to start school later and later each week.  I assure you we are still getting it done, but well, let's just say some days we end pretty late.  We are regrouping this week and taking a few steps to shake up our days a little.  That is a post to come, promise!

Until then, here are a few things we have managed to get accomplished.

Learning to play the piano!  This is with a review I will be posting on Wednesday.  We have enjoyed Kinderbach immensely!

Science in the kitchen!  I cannot even remember where he found out about volcanoes, but he was determined to make one.   Any homeschooling mommas out there recognize the Saxon fact cards?  Ashton laminated them and made a tote bag out of them!  Now it holds all of our playdough. Recycling at its best!

I told you I would get her in this month's pictures!  This is my piano queen!  She is also taking voice lessons and so excited about participating in a drama camp this summer.   Of course, while she is gone for a week, my blog may need some serious help.

Snowman, anyone? Oh my word!  Is this not the cutest?  My in-laws brought it to us when they came to visit last month.  Apparently they did not think we had had enough snow fun.  Haha!  You build a snowman with this and then watch him melt.  I will not even be honest enough to tell you have many times a day we do this silly thing.  It is hysterical to watch!  (Some days this is exactly how I feel, I think!)

 See?  Snow!  Plenty, thank you!

And as if my house is not loud enough, my two girls have turned into a singing duo.  To each other, to their brothers, to anyone that will listen.  Even when we do not want to listen!  Luckily they sound pretty good and are at the very least entertaining.  They do crack me up!

I am sure we have done more, and I know there are a few more pictures floating around that I cannot seem to locate at the moment.  After being sick on the couch for over a week, you are lucky you did not get pictures of chicken noodle soup and blankets.  It was that bad!

Praying March is a brighter month for you and for us!


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  1. I love peeking in on families like ours, with a range of ages! Thanks for letting me look in your window and smile at your gorgeous people tonight!


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