Friday, February 7, 2014

Bragging on the Colonel

I am going to brag on my husband today.  I don't get to very often because it embarrasses him.  And then there is that privacy thing.

Whatever.  I figure if people want to find out about us it won't be hard to do regardless.

So today I am bragging.

Last week my husband pinned on Colonel.  Yep!  After 21 years of service.  13 moves.   4 kids.

Bragging on the Colonel
Folks, this was huge for us.  My hubby is helicopter pilot.  Not exactly a popular mode of transportation in the Air Force, so we never expected to get to this point.  Seriously.  It is an honor and a privilege and one we do not take lightly.

4 very proud children!

We are grateful.

Thank you to our friends and community we have served with for 21 years.  We have friends all over the world and we love them dearly.  They are our family.

Thank you to the civilian friends who have taken a risk and befriended us despite the fact they knew we would eventually move.  You are dear to us and we cherish you.

Thank you to our family who gave us wings to fly!  Literally! ;)

Thank you to ALL who helped and attended the ceremony with us last week.  It meant so much for you all to be a part of the special day.

So, forgive me for bragging on the Colonel, but, boy am I proud of him!



  1. Wow!! Congratulations!!! That's so special and such an honor! Thank you SO much to your entire family for serving our country! We do not take our freedoms for granted, and are so grateful for all of those serving in our military! It is especially wonderful to see Godly men who are in leadership positions in the military. May the Lord give you strength to stand strong!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It has been a privileged to serve by his side. God has been our guide and He has been faithful!

  3. Many congrats to all of you- military life is hard but can also be very rewarding. We are thankful for all the folks we met along the way (including you guys of course...:)


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