Friday, February 21, 2014

Multiple Projects!- Sewing to Summer

Now that my daughter is living back at home, we have gotten back to sewing.  Well, she has been sewing all along but when she is not around I am just not as motivated.

I am not sure really what got her started with sewing.  We were blessed to have two separate people in Wyoming that helped teach her a lot of the skills she has.  She also had a home economics class in which she made her first quilt.  I taught her a few additional quilting skills, but most she picked up on her own.  She was also blessed to be hired at a costuming shop on campus where she attended school for a year and a half and learned from a wonderful teacher and mentor there.

Between all of that and running an online sewing business as well, you could just say this-girl-sews!  I have fun sewing.  It is her passion.  Which explains why she is good at it and makes money and I do not.

It also explains why she works on multiple projects at one time.


Let me show you-

A formal dress that she designed.  Yep, she designed it.  Drives me crazy when she does that.  I want to just find a nice pattern and be done.  She wants to be original.  Ugh!

And this quilt she is working on.  Actually she came upon the blocks at a local antique store and is now putting them together for a quilt for me.  Ok, it is a quilt for her, but a momma can dream, right?

And then there is this project for a friend who is working on a business endeavor.  Can't give away his project yet, but when he gets famous, I will let Ashton share with you about her tiny role in it!

And then there is this....

Well, that is mostly my project, but it is a secret for now.

See what I mean!  Multiple projects!

We are so excited to start linking up monthly with Jennifer at Milk and Honey Mommy for her Sewing to Summer Series.  If you have a sewing project, or two, you would like to share, I know she would like to have you join us.

Hey, maybe next month I will have a finished project to share as well.

If Ashton will let me use her machine!



  1. I'm so impressed with her skills - especially love the dress she designed! I wish I had something to link up but my skills are severely lacking. I made two jumpers for our oldest daughter about 10 years ago, and both needed serious repair help from Grandmas. :)
    That's neat to see her discover a passion for sewing - what a fun lifelong skill to enjoy.

    1. Thanks Gwen She loves it! It is indeed a lost art!

  2. beautiful dress.
    You have a beautiful family as well!

  3. I love the dress she designed! I want one : ) She is very gifted. I hope she continues to pursue her passion!
    Kingdom Life & Blessings


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