Friday, February 21, 2014

52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization- week 7

Week 7?  How did we get to week 7 already?  If you have been with us from the beginning you and your family have learned 6 Bible versus already!  That is fantastic.  While we do not award our kids for learning versus in our home, it is always fun to surprise them with a celebration some times.  So how about this week we go get a .99 vanilla cone to celebrate our diligence and hard work?

And on that theme, one of the things we have been working on this week in our home is diligence. Working hard and not stopping.  Finishing what we started.  Not giving up when something gets hard. (yes, it has been that kind of week)  Here's one we need for this week especially-

How about you?  What are you working hard on in your house?

See 'ya back next week for our last "child geared" verse before we head over to J-O-Y!


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For the Display of His Splendor

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